I’m coming to Europe!!

Yes, this little New Zealand girl is coming over to Europe!! I am SO EXCITED. But I want your advice, little European people (or people who have traveled there). What are the best places to go to? Where are those little gems that I might be missing out on? Here's what I have planned so... Continue Reading →

My Latest Obsession; RuPaul’s drag race

Oh yes, she has become that very basic gay. If you saw my music post, you'll know that RuPaul's music is something I've been listening to a lot. And this has come from a long, long binge of (almost) every single episode of drag race. I didn't at all watch them in order, because I started off... Continue Reading →

2019; New Years Resolutions

2018 was... a year. Not great, but not terrible. 2019 me already has big plans - I'll be finishing my uni degree, and going to Europe for 4 weeks! And I'm a sucker for some resolutions, new year new me and all that. I've split these into two sections, and the first is my more... Continue Reading →

2018; a photo diary

Does this mean I'm coming back to blogging regularly? I'm not sure. But, I'm trying. Here's why I didn't blog in 2018 - because I was busy doing all these things.

2018; how’d we do?

2018... What a year. I had such high hopes, after the horrible year that was 2017. And I'll be honest, it definitely didn't live up to expectations. But, that doesn't mean it was a bad year! I set out some goals, so let's see how I did with achieving them.  Go fully vegeterian. Yes, success! I... Continue Reading →

My planning system

I like to think of myself of a relatively organised person. Don't get me wrong, I could be better, but I'm usually pretty on top of things I want to get done. So, because these are the sorts of posts I love reading, I thought I'd run you through how I organise myself.  To do lists. I have... Continue Reading →

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