DNA of You and Me Review

Emily Apell arrives in Justin McKinnon’s renowned research lab with the single-minded goal of making a breakthrough discovery. But a colleague in the lab, Aeden Doherty, has been working on a similar topic, and his findings threaten to compete with her research.

To Emily’s surprise, her rational mind is unsettled by Aeden, and when they end up working together their animosity turns to physical passion, followed by love. Emily eventually allows herself to envision a future with Aeden, but when he decides to leave the lab it becomes clear to her that she must make a choice. It is only years later, when she is about to receive a prestigious award for the work they did together, that Emily is able to unravel everything that happened between them.

This is a book about love, and about a woman who doesn’t think she needs it. Not that doesn’t deserve it, or want it, but that she is perfectly happy on her own.

Emily is, first and foremost, a scientist. She’s found herself a project and it’s become her single-minded goal to complete this experiment. I have to be honest, I didn’t care too much about the science side. I got excited when she did, and I really really wanted her to find this pathfinder gene, I just didn’t understand most of it. But that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book! There were just a few passages I skimmed over a bit.

What I was interested in was the romance. Aren’t I always? The love story was told in past tense, which had me immediately hooked. Did that mean they were living happily ever after, and she was recounting how they got there? Did that mean they’d broken up and she was sadly reminiscing? I didn’t know, but I was so ready to see how this all played out. And the way it happened all felt so real. As much as I love a predictable, “they locked eyes and it was fate” romance, I way prefer a slow, argument-filled story, where they’re realising their flaws and going through their character growth.

The two of them started off as enemies – Emily was trying to take over Aeden’s project in a new lab, so there was immediate competitive animosity. Maybe this was why I never quite fell for Aeden. He was fine, but I was only really rooting for them because she was, and not because I thought they were going to be perfect together. Even when we got to meet his family, I still wasn’t that interested. Whereas with Emily, I constantly wanted to know more about her and her background. She was so passionate about the project she was working on, and that made me care about what was going to happen next.

  • You should read this book if:
  • You love enemies to lovers
  • You want to see science embedded in the romance
  • You like a romance that feels like it’s real life

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