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Uni Orientation – The Highlights

Check out yesterday’s post to see how my moving in day went!

At our uni, we have a week’s worth of orientation events before lectures start, known as “o-week” where the whole country just drinks. It’s a great time, honestly. I’m not going to tell you every single thing we got up to as a hall, but I will tell you the best bits. 

Wednesday was the first official day, and the main event was the pool party. Good old DJ Fresh was playing (I kid you not, that was his actual name), and we hung out, played piggy in the middle with most of our hall (that’s 50 odd people), went down waterslides, and just generally had fun! This was actually a really bad mental health day for me, so I think that probably ruined the experience a bit. I’m not sure if it was actually kind of lame, or if it was just me? Anyway, it happened, it was fun, but could have been better I think!  Continue reading “Uni Orientation – The Highlights”

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UNIVERSITY!!! – Move In Day

You may have noticed that I’ve disappeared from this blog, for way way too long. Is this going to change? I can’t promise anything, honestly. Get ready for more sporadic posting. This was actually going to be seven posts about my first week at uni, but instead it’s going to be about three. Sorry! 

I moved in on Sunday, and it was actually a close thing. I’d been vomiting for the last couple of days, and I felt completely awful. I think the electrolytes helped, they gave me energy and stuff, so I just decided I had to get up and do it. It gave me no time to think about actually leaving home, which meant minimal tears! It was way more painless than I expected, actually.  Continue reading “UNIVERSITY!!! – Move In Day”

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Everyone is LEAVING

The other night, I went to a party at a friends, which was the last gathering of their group of 25ish friends, plus some others (like me and my friends). I really had such a good night, I got about 3 hours sleep because we stayed over, we danced to old songs and those songs that everyone knows the moves to, played games like Mafia, and it was just SO MUCH FUN. At the end of it, though, people walked out that door and I had a sudden realisation that I’m never going to see most of those people again. 

The people I care about, I’ll stay in touch with. Even if we drift apart, we’ll still try to start off with. I know some friendships will last a while, and some will fall apart almost straight away. They aren’t the ones I’m worried about, though. It’s the people that I barely ever talk to, but they’re still a big part of my life, generally just in little ways.  Continue reading “Everyone is LEAVING”

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I’m a history nerd (WWI exhibit)

After, quite honestly, way too long, my parents and I finally go around to going to the museum and seeing the Gallipoli display they were showing. If you don’t know (as in, you’re not a New Zealander or Australian who go taught it every year), the Gallipoli campaign in WWI is one of (or the?) worst we’ve ever fought. Basically, when the ANZAC troops arrived, in the wrong spot, the Turks simply stood at the top of the hill and picked them all off one by one. It was barely even a fight. They stayed there for EIGHT MONTHS, and never really recovered from that first awful day. What Te Papa, the museum in Wellington has done is created these huge models to go along with your typical exhibit, and it was AMAZING. Made by Weta Workshop too, the people behind Lord of the Rings and stuff! When you first walk in, this is what you see. 20170123_123729.jpg


My history nerd side fell completely in love.  Continue reading “I’m a history nerd (WWI exhibit)”

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Diverse Reading Updates – January 2017

At the start of the year, I said that one of my biggest goals was to read more diversely, and that included a whole bunch of challenges. We’re nearly at the end of January though, and I think I’ve done pretty well! February should be full of reviews for these books, because y’know, effort and stuff. 

I didn’t mention this in the post, because I only decided last minute to participate in #DiverseAThon over the week of the 22nd. Honestly, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, and Read Diverse 2017.pngthat was mostly because of lack of planning. I read Rebel of the Sands, with a POC protagonist, and Sculpting David with a bi protagonist. Hopefully when it comes around again I’ll be more prepared!

My main two were the diversity bingo, and Read Diverse. The second involves reviewing to get points, so like I said earlier, February is going to be all about that.  Continue reading “Diverse Reading Updates – January 2017”

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Hey, you! Yes, YOU!

I need your help, old buddies, old pals. So, in case you’ve missed me talking about this non-stop for the last few months, I’m going to uni in February. I CAN’T WAIT, but I do know I’m going to be a lot busier with the huge workload. Realistically, this means the amount of blog posts I’ll be able to put up is going to be a lot smaller. Here’s where you come in. 

I’m looking to get a lot more guests on to post about whatever it is you want to post about. Maybe something you’re passionate about and feel like you can talk about forever, or maybe you want to argue back against one of my posts, or maybe I could ask you a whole heap of questions about something you do (a job, a hobby, whatever). I’d be happy to do a post for you to say thank you, but that’s up to you of course! I don’t have set deadlines or topics or anything like that, I just don’t want my blog to be empty if I don’t have time to give it that TLC, so I thought it’d be fun to see some posts from some of you guys. 

If you’re interested, feel free to email me at, DM on twitter @Addlepates or Instagram @victoria3739, or just comment on here! We can brainstorm post ideas, and live happily ever after. 

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Too many job interviews, not enough jobs

I GOT A JOB! A holiday, casual job, working at the stadium, nothing that’s going to pay me like a proper job. And don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that I’ve got this job. But do you remember this video? Where I celebrated me finally getting a job? And, not sure if I posted this online, but I got another job handing out flyers once I realised my hours weren’t great. Now, a third job. And I’ve still got hardly any hours.  Continue reading “Too many job interviews, not enough jobs”