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Writing to be THE BEST, and not just for fun

I recently wrote a post about fanfiction, and how I used to be avid writer of it. A lot of the comments were telling me, hey, just go for it! Write that Remus/Sirius love story if that’s what you want to do, it’s up to you! And when talking to someone called Brandy Davis, I realised something – I’ve stopped writing for me, and started writing in the hopes of achieving something great. 

There’s the obvious, that I want to become a famous author or something. No matter what you say, I think everyone secretly wants to be the next J.K. Rowling. But we can all overlook that for the sake of just writing for the joy of writing. Can’t we? Continue reading “Writing to be THE BEST, and not just for fun”

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My Biggest Flaw

A little while ago I got into a deep and meaningful chat with one of my bestest friends, about something I do a lot that’s a bit of a problem. Basically, I accidentally ditched her to hang out with other people at a party, and she called me up on it, saying that I hang out with one of these people a lot in particular. She said that I often “embody the personalities of the people you’re around,” and I knew that I took on a lot of mannerisms of the people I’m closest to, but this was something completely new to me. As soon as she said it though, and told me that I’d done it before with my American sister, I realised that she was completely right, it’s something I do a lot. It’s probably a flaw, really, since it ends up with me doing things like abandoning my friend at parties when she isn’t close with anyone else there!
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Where the heck have I been??

So, yeah, I’ve kind of disappeared off the face of the earth. Whoops. I’ve been at uni,

Me, stressing about uni

okay? The thing with uni is I have plenty of free time, as in, when I’m not in class, but I spend all that time a) get coursework done or b) socialising with the 50 other people in my hall. There’s always someone around wanting a chat, and to be honest, I always want a chat too!
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Uni Orientation – The Highlights

Check out yesterday’s post to see how my moving in day went!

At our uni, we have a week’s worth of orientation events before lectures start, known as “o-week” where the whole country just drinks. It’s a great time, honestly. I’m not going to tell you every single thing we got up to as a hall, but I will tell you the best bits. 

Wednesday was the first official day, and the main event was the pool party. Good old DJ Fresh was playing (I kid you not, that was his actual name), and we hung out, played piggy in the middle with most of our hall (that’s 50 odd people), went down waterslides, and just generally had fun! This was actually a really bad mental health day for me, so I think that probably ruined the experience a bit. I’m not sure if it was actually kind of lame, or if it was just me? Anyway, it happened, it was fun, but could have been better I think!  Continue reading “Uni Orientation – The Highlights”

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UNIVERSITY!!! – Move In Day

You may have noticed that I’ve disappeared from this blog, for way way too long. Is this going to change? I can’t promise anything, honestly. Get ready for more sporadic posting. This was actually going to be seven posts about my first week at uni, but instead it’s going to be about three. Sorry! 

I moved in on Sunday, and it was actually a close thing. I’d been vomiting for the last couple of days, and I felt completely awful. I think the electrolytes helped, they gave me energy and stuff, so I just decided I had to get up and do it. It gave me no time to think about actually leaving home, which meant minimal tears! It was way more painless than I expected, actually.  Continue reading “UNIVERSITY!!! – Move In Day”

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Everyone is LEAVING

The other night, I went to a party at a friends, which was the last gathering of their group of 25ish friends, plus some others (like me and my friends). I really had such a good night, I got about 3 hours sleep because we stayed over, we danced to old songs and those songs that everyone knows the moves to, played games like Mafia, and it was just SO MUCH FUN. At the end of it, though, people walked out that door and I had a sudden realisation that I’m never going to see most of those people again. 

The people I care about, I’ll stay in touch with. Even if we drift apart, we’ll still try to start off with. I know some friendships will last a while, and some will fall apart almost straight away. They aren’t the ones I’m worried about, though. It’s the people that I barely ever talk to, but they’re still a big part of my life, generally just in little ways.  Continue reading “Everyone is LEAVING”

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I’m a history nerd (WWI exhibit)

After, quite honestly, way too long, my parents and I finally go around to going to the museum and seeing the Gallipoli display they were showing. If you don’t know (as in, you’re not a New Zealander or Australian who go taught it every year), the Gallipoli campaign in WWI is one of (or the?) worst we’ve ever fought. Basically, when the ANZAC troops arrived, in the wrong spot, the Turks simply stood at the top of the hill and picked them all off one by one. It was barely even a fight. They stayed there for EIGHT MONTHS, and never really recovered from that first awful day. What Te Papa, the museum in Wellington has done is created these huge models to go along with your typical exhibit, and it was AMAZING. Made by Weta Workshop too, the people behind Lord of the Rings and stuff! When you first walk in, this is what you see. 20170123_123729.jpg


My history nerd side fell completely in love.  Continue reading “I’m a history nerd (WWI exhibit)”