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Camping and self awareness

For four days in December, I went camping with a group of my high school friends. We did the same trip in late January last year, and boy oh boy was I full of reminiscing and self-reflecting. We all know this has been a year and a half for me, but I think I’ve focused mainly on the negative things. On this trip, though, we all talked a lot about the positive ways we’ve changed as well. And for me, one of my main things was how much better I’ve got to know myself. By that, I mean I’m more aware of my thoughts, rather than repressing everything, and because of that, I’m a lot more willing to discuss things, and keep learning more about myself.  Continue reading “Camping and self awareness”

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Depression; what DOESN’T work

Look, I don’t want to get into a chat about my mental health, and how I’m low-key constantly falling apart. Let’s just say that it’s not fun, at all, and I’m not dealing with it properly (classic me). So, although I haven’t really worked out what does help me yet, I do know I’m doing a whole heap of stuff at the moment that’s incredibly unhealthy. And ideally, these are things I’m going to start working on fixing!  Continue reading “Depression; what DOESN’T work”

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I actually went to a counselor!

If you’ve been here for a while, you know how much talking I do about my mental health (eg here). Then, there’s all the thoughts that I don’t share on here, but have going on in my head. Do I talk about all of this? Nope. But with all the drama (this drama) going on in my life, I thought I better be brave, and go see a counselor. I was scared out of my mind, and wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to talk to them about, but I did go. It was… well, not the most helpful. I’m still proud, though, and I still think other people should go!  Continue reading “I actually went to a counselor!”

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Oversharing online; is it a cry for help?

So, I just watched Dodie’s video on oversharing online, and it gave me a lot of thoughts. I’m someone that also puts a lot of my mental health stuff online, and I’m getting to a point where I’m starting to rely on it as an outlet. To me, it helps, just to get it somewhere that isn’t my head. However, she talked about a couple of things that I thought were interesting, and one of them was that it might be a cry for help.  Continue reading “Oversharing online; is it a cry for help?”

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A moment of weakness; some depressing thoughts

This is the first time I’ve written in the middle of feeling depressed. Usually, I write and I edit, and it becomes a productive thing. This, though, is just me feeling like shit. I don’t know how to ask for help, and I wouldn’t know who to go to anyway. So, this. Cool. Please don’t read this if it’s going to bring up any negative sort of feelings for you, this is entirely just me venting!  Continue reading “A moment of weakness; some depressing thoughts”

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Depression DOES Exist #TowardsEquality

I know (I hope, anyway) what you’re thinking. Of course depression exists! Come on, this is 2016, we’re not stupid. Right? And yeah, I completely agree with you, obviously I know it exists. At least, I thought I did, until it occurred to me that maybe I had it myself. 

Looking back on the last four years, ish, I’ve had this sudden realisation that I probably have seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. I talked about it a little while ago, but what have I done about it? Nothing, that’s what. Because I’m not depressed, so I don’t need to! Continue reading “Depression DOES Exist #TowardsEquality”

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Take stock of the happiness

Everyone gets sad. It’s inevitable, life won’t always run smoothly for you. When you get sad, it feels (to be overly dramatic) like you’ve forgotten what happy feels like. It’s so so important that you don’t let it become overwhelming, though. So, bottle up all those happy moments you had beforehand, as impossible as that seems in the midst of it all.  Continue reading “Take stock of the happiness”