The Best of the Best; 2016 5 Star Reads

I saw this tag on Fridays and Books, and it was created by her friend Rabid Reads. Since we’re halfway through the year (I know, WHAT??), Lissa decided it would be a great time to have a look at the best things we’ve read this year. This was meant to be done by listing 5 star books, but since I’m the harshest reviewer EVER, I’ve gone with quite a lot of 4 star books too (minus any re-reads). 

Can we just note that most of these were taken before I started bookstagramming? Sorry that the photos are so terrible!

  1. Vicious by V.E. Schwab. I forgot how much I adored this until I was going through my list! Holy moly this book was amazing. I desperately need more by this author in my life – oh, and book 2 of this series!20160104_193740.jpg
  2. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Bless this author. Gone Girl was the highlight of last year, and now here’s her next book making it onto this list… 20160116_153128.jpg
  3. Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I heard so many good things about this, and it really did not disappoint. When I go to the library to get my next Schwab book, I should look for book 2 of this series too…Cinder
  4. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. 5 stars for this one, hooray! This was a re-read, but it’s still great, so oh well. Yes, I still sobbed. Will it ever not break my heart?20160222_155350.jpg
  5. The Unknown Unknown by Mark Forscyth. This book is the smallest I’ve read at only 25 pages, and was really just an essay in book form. A really interesting essay though, and way out of my comfort zone!Unknown Unknown
  6. What We Left Behind by Robin Talley. What stopped this from getting to five was that a lot of people said it really misrepresented the characters’s identity, what with them changing their mind about their gender so much. If it was right, though, I learned a lot20160412_152202.jpg
  7. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas. Well duh, how could Celaena my love not be on this list?Queen of Shadows
  8. Lost Friday by Michael Bronte. I was pleasantly surprised by this! It was a sci-fi I got for free, so I honestly didn’t have the highest hopes. It turned out to be great though. IMG_2357This was the first book I read in Dewey’s readathon
  9. Famous Last Words by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski. This was so cute and fluffy and easy to read, I loved it. This was the second book I read for Dewey’s!
  10. The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith. It may shock you that this is based off Snow White – seriously though, really good, I felt all the pain
  11. Simon vs The Homo Sapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli. The first Simon I fell in love with this year. Ugh, my gorgeous love, my wonderful Blue, ughhhSimon vs the Homo Sapien Agenda
  12. Binge by Tyler Oakley. Another 5 star book, woo hoo! Tyler made me feel all the pain, and also had this undeniable real-ness that made the book so fantastic. Absolutely nothing to fault in this!Binge
  13. All the Feels by Danika Stone. Liv is me, and I love reading about someone I can relate to. Maybe she was a bit over the top, maybe Xander creeped me out a little, but it was just so goodAll the Feels
  14. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. The second Simon I fell in love with this year. Although I do love Baz more, his anger just gets to meCarry On
  15. A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. Connooooorrrr, oh how I love you! This book made me feel so inspired to just get up and DO SOMETHINGWork In Progress
  16. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I wanted to throw up almost constantly, but at the same time it was written so well… I just didn’t know how to feel!Lolita

So, there are my favourite books from this year! I’ve been having a pretty good reading year, that’s actually a lot… What were your favourites? Feel free to go and do this tag, just make sure to link back to Lissa!

9 thoughts on “The Best of the Best; 2016 5 Star Reads

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  1. I haven’t read many of the books you have on here. So far awesome though.

    My favorites of this year are The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata and The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias.

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  2. I love this tag! It seems like a great way to share updates and favorite books of the year so far. I read Vicious last year, but it still remains one of my favorite books, ever. I love how the author made the characters grey, so none were completely good or completely bad. They seemed more human (despite their superhuman abilities 😉 ), and I really got into the story. This book actually saved me from a reading slump a while back. I’m now starting A Darker Shade of Magic, also by Schwab, and I’m excited to delve back into her writing!

    ✨ Claire @ Cover to Cover

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    1. I know what you mean, if the characters walked into the room right now I feel like I would recognise them. I can’t wait to read more of her stuff 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!


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