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And it gets even worse… (the week from hell pt3)

So, if you missed the first half of the story yesterday, you can read it here. Unless you’re an irl friend, then please stop. We’re carrying on from Friday night, pals being pals, hanging out and drinking. A note; drinking rarely works for us as a group. I stay mostly sober (this night, completely sober), and drama almost always happens. Woo. 

So, everyone is drinking, cool cool. We’re good, we’re friends, stuff happens that isn’t relevant right now, but may be relevant another time. Another girl comes over, a friend of Zeus’s, and when the others go out for their own walk, me and her and another girl decide to stay. We’re chatting, all good, and Zeus comes storming back in the room after this walk, absolutely fuming. I mean, I’ve never seen him this mad. So, we’re trying to get him to talk, and making sure he doesn’t break anything (because he was very close to breaking his keyboard), when the girls come back in. Here’s another place where I messed up – I was stressed about my lil friend, and all I knew was that something happened on that walk that made him mad. So, I accused the girls of doing something wrong, or at least not telling me something that might have set him off. Obviously, no one likes being told they did something wrong, and I was so stressed that I didn’t stop for a second to think about that. I just kept asking and asking what had happened, ignoring them when they were clearly upset. Good one, me. But, nothing happened, and I’m still not sure what set him off. 
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“Tell me your interpretation of the truth” (The Week From Hell pt2)

The last week of semester was… hard, for want of a better word. A fight with my friends resulted in no one talking to me for an entire week, and I struggled. I struggled a lot. Things are far from back to normal now, as well. So strap yourselves in, kiddos, because although I’m about to tell you the facts (or, my interpretation of the facts), this is just the first explanation post in a hundred different self-analysis posts that are about to come at you. 

If you want to know the characters, and stuff about my love life with these people, read this post here
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Crushes and love and stuff (the week from hell pt1)

Here’s the situation; a whole lot of drama has happened recently, and I’m not sure if I want to explain it all to you in detail. What I do want, though, is all the self-analysis that has come out of it. So, here comes a whole heap of posts about “the week from hell,” and we’ll see what comes out of them. 

First, let’s introduce the “characters” of this sorry tale. We have Aphrodite, named because she’s dismissed as the pretty one, when she’s so much more than that. Athena, who’s intelligent, and definitely not someone you want against you in a fight. Zeus, who’s becoming the centre of our group (or world, whatever) even though no one is entirely sure if he’s deserving of it, and is likely to banish us from Olympus or strike us with lightening at any second. And finally, Apollo, because I just know how much he’d love to think he’s our light and sun. A side note; if you’re any of these people, or know the names of any of these people, please stop reading. This post is for me, not for you.  Continue reading “Crushes and love and stuff (the week from hell pt1)”

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Sick of saying sorry

People suck. That includes me, but man, people suck. Basically, a whole load of drama has happened over the last couple of weeks that I won’t really go into (or will I? unsure), and now I’ve lost/damaged three friendships. There’s two problems with this; first, that I had a crush on one of these people, and I so shouldn’t have (not the first time I’ve done this), and second, that I was the one apologising for all the things they did wrong. To be clear, I did A LOT wrong – I was jealous of the boy being friends with girls, I never talked about my emotions and problems, I assumed stuff that turned out to be wrong, and spoke on behalf of other people based off some of that, etc etc. What makes me mad, though, is that the people affected by it didn’t deal with it in the best way, and I got to a point where I was basically begging for them to forgive me. 
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I want to fall in love (just not with him)

It’s been agreed by my friends that being single SUCKS. I mean, a lot of people agree, but this was a conversation we had pretty recently, about how we all want to fall in love and have a cute little relationship. Let me give a quick bit of background – me and another mike-rossgirl, who have both been in decent relationships (and probably in love), and a boy who was in a relationship until about February. The boy is 10/10, and typical me, I’ve gone and fallen for him (I KNOW). Anyway, he is desperate for that person to have, since he had one so recently, whereas us two are more used to it. Does that mean I don’t want it, though? Absolutely not. 
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Oversharing online; is it a cry for help?

So, I just watched Dodie’s video on oversharing online, and it gave me a lot of thoughts. I’m someone that also puts a lot of my mental health stuff online, and I’m getting to a point where I’m starting to rely on it as an outlet. To me, it helps, just to get it somewhere that isn’t my head. However, she talked about a couple of things that I thought were interesting, and one of them was that it might be a cry for help.  Continue reading “Oversharing online; is it a cry for help?”

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A moment of weakness; some depressing thoughts

This is the first time I’ve written in the middle of feeling depressed. Usually, I write and I edit, and it becomes a productive thing. This, though, is just me feeling like shit. I don’t know how to ask for help, and I wouldn’t know who to go to anyway. So, this. Cool. Please don’t read this if it’s going to bring up any negative sort of feelings for you, this is entirely just me venting!  Continue reading “A moment of weakness; some depressing thoughts”