Top Ten Tuesday (#40) – Overrated Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. They tell us what to write our top ten for, and we do! This week…


Overrated Book Characters

The characters everyone seems to love, but I just can’t understand why!

  1. Jace Wayland. Sorry guys, but I’m really not a fan. He thinks way too highly of himself, and he can be really horrible to Clary, which she always forgives… Nope, I’m much more a fan of the cute, lovable guysJace
  2. Will Herondale. To me, him and Jace are interchangeable. So see above ^^
  3. Daemon Black. Obsidian is hugely overrated in my opinion, but particularly because of him. Again, he’s an ass, and I hate that! I have only read the first one though, and I’ve been told he gets better later on
  4. Aaron Warner. From Shatter Me. I think I still have one book to go, but for the first two he hasn’t done it for me AT ALL. Are we seeing a trend here? I. Don’t. Like. Mean. Guys.
  5. Etienne St Clair. I don’t hate this guy, but I don’t love him either. I think I was really hyped up for this book from hearing what everyone else had to say, so I was ready to love him. I liked him, but he had a lot of flaws. And not lovable flaws, y’know? Perfect casting though, this guy is GORGEOUSSt Clair
  6. Mia Hall. From If I Stay. Everyone says she’s really relatable, and I am proud to say I don’t relate to her at all. How could you even think about choosing to die when you have so many people left living who are waiting for you? And she gets even worse in book two!
  7. Harry Potter. You all know this is my favourite book series of all time, but I just can’t love the main character. He’s such an idiot! Yeah, he can be sassy which I love, and he’s remarkably nice considering who he grew up with. He’s just so dumb, all the time…Harry Potter
  8. Sam Roth and Grace Brisbane. I couldn’t choose which one I hated more, so I just went with both the main characters from Shiver. Their romance was ridiculous, and they both made some decisions that had me worried for their mental health
  9. Katniss Everdeen. Okay, hear me out! I hate love triangles, and by being the one making the love triangle a problem, I can’t like Katniss. She leads both of them on, when it would have been incredibly easy to let them know how she felt. She caused a lot more heartbreak in the trilogy then there ever needed to beKatniss and Gale
  10. Tris Prior. I think I’m blaming her for the entire book, which is a bit harsh. I felt like the book wasn’t very well written, so of course Tris ended up not being a very great character. She was tough, and that was good, she just should have been so much better as a character! (you can fight me on this one, I can’t really back up my thoughts very well)

Ta da! My list for this week. I havevn’t done one of these in ages, because the topics just weren’t jumping out at me. I liked this one though. So go on, fight me about it – which characters are you most offended that I don’t like?

39 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#40) – Overrated Characters

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  1. St. Clair would be my number 1 on this list. I just do’t see why thousands of girls love him. Do we really want our teen daughters dating someone who has a girlfriend, a side chick, and who is misleading one of his close friends? Oh, and because he didn’t want to be alone, so that made his behavior okay? NOT! And Katniss pissed me off. I blame the author. I’m so sick of these disgusting love triangles in YA.

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  2. I totally agree with you about Harry Potter. As much as I love that series Harry is just so stupid all the time. He would be dead if he even had a slightly less smart Hermione. I also agree with Jace, Tris and Katniss being totally overrated

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  3. I really love almost all the characters on your list. You and I just have different taste in characters. I love my characters damaged and flawed. I don’t mind a mr.or mrs. nice guy character sometimes but I still will always loved the damaged and flawed better.

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  4. lol aside from the first Shiver book and the Harry Potter series I haven’t heard of most of these characters. I’m with you on the main characters from Shiver though. I couldn’t get into them.

    I don’t mind Harry Potter though. Not my favorite character in the series, but he didn’t really get on my nerves either (except in the 5th book).

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  5. My goodness, your list is so harsh. I actually disagree about Katniss, I don’t think it was a matter of leading them on but the fact that romance was never a priority for her and I don’t think she had strong enough feelings for either of them in the first book, those developed more later on.

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    1. I picked the most controversial ones haha 😛 Yeah, I can see what you mean. Just looking at it from the guys point of view, Peeta was getting used for the Games, but he thought they were actually in love. She should have said something to him earlier in my opinion. But I can see why people like her! 🙂

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  6. So far, I also don’t get why everybody loves Katniss. She sounds like a sulky rebel teen that spent too much time running around .-. great post, dear!!

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  7. I agree so much about Jace/Will. They’re basically the same character from my point of view!

    And Harry, yeah, that pretty much sums up my opinion of him. I like the books, I “like” him, but he’s got a lot of issues that make him annoying. He’s lucky as hell to boot with a lot of things that he gets so much credit for.

    My TTT:

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      1. Yeah! He acts like Dudley sometimes, I think that may be where he learnt it from. Like I feel like Harry was supposed to come off as the better, more polite child, but that’s out the window when he’s not with Dudley.

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  8. I think I can see where you’re coming from with the last two although I personally loved them! I disagree with Warner but find what you say interesting!

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