I worked in sales for 2 months (and I Hated It)

Obviously, I'm not going to go into detail as to what my job was, but let's just say this - I worked in a call centre, trying to earn money for charity. I got paid minimum wage, and on top of this, I got commission (if I ever reached the targets for it). And I'm... Continue Reading →

Being vege; I’m actually kind of loving it // Apr. 2018

You may or may not remember, but at the end of 2017 I decided that I was going to be vegetarian. All the comments had such good advice, so thank you all for that! Most of the advice I got was about what sorts of foods to try, to get some inspiration - and honestly,... Continue Reading →

Body Confidence (or, a lack of)

"You've put on a lot of weight since I last saw you" "You just need to start exercising, what about jogging?"  "You can see your stomach in that, do you really want to wear it?" "How about this skirt? It's highwaisted, so it'll hide your stomach" "When I lost weight, that's when all the girls... Continue Reading →

A creative block

It's February. I've finally gotten myself into a good routine; I have a new job with consistent hours, I have my flat sorted, I make meal plans and budget plans. But for some reason, the main thing that doesn't fit into this routine is blogging. I just can't seem to sit down and make myself... Continue Reading →

Movies as an “experience”

I wouldn't consider myself a film buff, by any means. I like a good movie, but more for the story than the cinematography or soundtrack. What I do love, though, is actually going to the cinema to see something, rather than streaming it at home. And when my friend asked how cinemas could possibly even... Continue Reading →

Going vegetarian // Dec 2017

Going vegetarian is something I've been thinking about doing for a long, long time. The issue is, I've always lived with my parents, and part of me doesn't want to be overly difficult by cooking a separate meal every night. And with uni food, there was no way, I have no idea how those people managed it.... Continue Reading →


I was recently having a conversation with my friend about soulmates, which I believe in, as does her boyfriend, but she definitely does not. Then I talked to my family, and they said the same, and most of my friends were the same. So, I want to present some thoughts to you, and ask what you think... Continue Reading →

Happiness; an unachievable goal

"Happiness," as a concept, is something we all define very differently. I don't need to explain that to you; we've all read Harry Potter, you know the Mirror of Erised. What I've recently realised, though, is that this Mirror of Erised type of idea (also known as the "white picket fence and red door" image... Continue Reading →

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