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I was recently having a conversation with my friend about soulmates, which I believe in, as does her boyfriend, but she definitely does not. Then I talked to my family, and they said the same, and most of my friends were the same. So, I want to present some thoughts to you, and ask what you think about all of this

I think I understand soulmates differently to how most people do, with how it’s presented in the movies. I believe that there is just one person out there for everyone, and that the universe will push you in the right direction so that you meet them. Eg, my friend I had this conversation with is from England, her boyfriend is from India, but they met at work in New Zealand. Seems like a crazy coincidence, right? Assuming they were soulmates, though, that’d be the universe pushing them together. I definitely think you can fall in love more than once, but there’s one person out there that you’ll end up with forever, your “best love” for want of a better term, and that’s a set thing in the universe.  Continue reading “Soulmates”

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Happiness; an unachievable goal

“Happiness,” as a concept, is something we all define very differently. I don’t need to explain that to you; we’ve all read Harry Potter, you know the Mirror of Erised. What I’ve recently realised, though, is that this Mirror of Erised type of idea (also known as the “white picket fence and red door” image of perfection) is something that’s not necessarily achievable. Not that happiness isn’t achievable, but it’s not something we should be looking for in this sort of way. 
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I want to fall in love (just not with him)

It’s been agreed by my friends that being single SUCKS. I mean, a lot of people agree, but this was a conversation we had pretty recently, about how we all want to fall in love and have a cute little relationship. Let me give a quick bit of background – me and another mike-rossgirl, who have both been in decent relationships (and probably in love), and a boy who was in a relationship until about February. The boy is 10/10, and typical me, I’ve gone and fallen for him (I KNOW). Anyway, he is desperate for that person to have, since he had one so recently, whereas us two are more used to it. Does that mean I don’t want it, though? Absolutely not. 
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I’m a scaredy cat and I’m… proud?

I’m sitting here writing this while my friends sit in another room watching a horror – Sinister, to be exact. I hate horror, always have, and when the group that was hanging in my room decided to leave and watch the movie, I opted to stay here. Apparently, that just wasn’t an option. I had a girl clinging onto me with her blanket, everyone explaining how I didn’t have to watch, and a boy telling me it “wouldn’t be the same” if I wasn’t there. So, with everyone knowing I was going to be on my phone for most of it, I decided to go and watch it. Maybe I’ve gotten better at watching these things, right?  Continue reading “I’m a scaredy cat and I’m… proud?”

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I’m a history nerd (WWI exhibit)

After, quite honestly, way too long, my parents and I finally go around to going to the museum and seeing the Gallipoli display they were showing. If you don’t know (as in, you’re not a New Zealander or Australian who go taught it every year), the Gallipoli campaign in WWI is one of (or the?) worst we’ve ever fought. Basically, when the ANZAC troops arrived, in the wrong spot, the Turks simply stood at the top of the hill and picked them all off one by one. It was barely even a fight. They stayed there for EIGHT MONTHS, and never really recovered from that first awful day. What Te Papa, the museum in Wellington has done is created these huge models to go along with your typical exhibit, and it was AMAZING. Made by Weta Workshop too, the people behind Lord of the Rings and stuff! When you first walk in, this is what you see. 20170123_123729.jpg


My history nerd side fell completely in love.  Continue reading “I’m a history nerd (WWI exhibit)”

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Too many job interviews, not enough jobs

I GOT A JOB! A holiday, casual job, working at the stadium, nothing that’s going to pay me like a proper job. And don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that I’ve got this job. But do you remember this video? Where I celebrated me finally getting a job? And, not sure if I posted this online, but I got another job handing out flyers once I realised my hours weren’t great. Now, a third job. And I’ve still got hardly any hours.  Continue reading “Too many job interviews, not enough jobs”

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I wanna dye my hair

For a while now I’ve had the vague idea in the back of my head that I wanna dye my hair. I tried cutting my hair short as some sort of change, but it had to be mainained at a paricular length for it to look good, and I’m not here for that much effort. So, my next idea is to dye it. Not just blonder or browner, like the kind of colour that random people on the street want to come up to me and go “wow, I love your hair!” Maybe this; Continue reading “I wanna dye my hair”