Why I Love Me Tag

I found this tag from my good pal Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen, ages and ages ago, and it was created by ThoughtfulTash. Thanks friends! Basically, the tag is about celebrating self-love, something we're extremely lacking in (especially me at the moment). I've had the tag sitting around for ages, unwritten, and Sad... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Life Tag

Thanks so much to Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff for this tag! It's from August. It's now the end of December. Leave me alone, okay?  Just pick four books, and use them to answer the prompts. I chose Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (of course), Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn,... Continue Reading →

Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Thanks so much to Calliope the Book Goddess for tagging me in this! It's taken me a while, but here it finally is...  ...gotten a sequel I feel like most stand-alones I read are really well done stand alones. I would hate to force a series out of something that was planned as just one.... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Quiz (pt2)

Here's part 2 of my Harry Potter quiz from Bookmark Chronicles. Check out part 1 here.  Goblet of Fire: Who was accused of murdering the Riddle family? Frank the caretaker From which Ministry of Magic department did Mr. Weasley get tickets for the Quidditch World Cup? Sports, presumably. Ludo's department? What did Ginny name Ron’s owl from... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Quiz

Obviously Bookmark Chronicles knows me too well, because they've set me the challenge of this near-impossible Harry Potter quiz. Don't get me wrong, my knowledge is good, but I'll be very surprised if I get all of these right... Feel free to test yourself too! I'm going to be breaking this up into a couple... Continue Reading →

25 Bookish Facts

Thanks to Cheyenne @ Once Upon A Time A Review for tagging me in this! The concept is simple; just list 25 book related facts about yourself!  I've been a reader for as long as I can remember. I can't imagine not loving books, and not spending my free time reading The first book I... Continue Reading →

New York Times By The Book Tag

I found this tag over on Poppy's Best of Books, and it looked like so much fun! So, even though I wasn't officially tagged, here are my answers.  What book is on your nightstand right now? My nightstand is way too much of a mess to actually hold any books... Next to my bed on the... Continue Reading →

Book Courtship Tag

Thanks so much to my bestie Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff for tagging me in this! Phase One: Initial Attraction: A book you bought because of the cover A Brief History of Montmoray is one that has really fantastic colours, but definitely not worth it. It was so disappointing!  Phase Two: First Impressions: A book you... Continue Reading →

Autumn Book Tag

Thanks to Reg @ She Latitude for tagging me in this! Winter has actually just started for New Zealand, but that's my fault for running late... So, I'm pretending winter doesn't exist, and that it's still autumn. Yay! 1) What is your favorite thing about autumn? Autumn is definitely the prettiest season. Yeah, it's cold... Continue Reading →

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