It’s Pride Month and I am BI AS HECK

It is PRIDE MONTH and I am SO BI and SO PROUD. What am I going to write about, you ask? Some profound, bi perspective we haven't heard before? Nah. Just gonna talk about uni, and the hella bi life I'm leading since I got here.  So, as per with just about everyone, coming out... Continue Reading →

It’s Bi Week!

That's right, we get our own week! I feel all the love, thanks guys. Basically, the week is about spreading awareness, to say "NEWS FLASH, WE EXIST." You'd think that shouldn't be something that's needed, but you'd be surprised...  So, for those of you who might not know, here's a handy list of things that... Continue Reading →

Sexuality – Do We Need Labels?

So I was doing some catching up on my wonderful friend's blogs, when I stumbled upon this post from Em, about discovering sexuality. In this post, she says an interesting thing (the whole point of this post, in fact). She says "Although labels can help some people to identify themselves and pinpoint their position on... Continue Reading →

We Stand With Orlando

I know, it's been a little while since this happened. I don't think that makes this post any less necessary though, and I still think it's important I make the time to write it.  If you don't know, last weekend there was a massacre in Orlando by a Muslim shooter. Oh, and it was Latino... Continue Reading →

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