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13 Reasons Why – it’s just SO GOOD

Yes, that’s right, I jumped on the bandwagon and binged all of 13 Reasons Why. There’s a whole lot of hype around it, but do I care? It lived up to every bit of hype in my opinion. And, because I’m completely unoriginal, here’s 13 thoughts on this show… 

  1. I felt for every single character, which is extremely rare. Sure, I hate Courtney, but I saw where she was coming from at the same time. Bryce is the exception, I despise him with all of my being, but I really understood every other character, despite their obvious flaws
  2. Also, there seemed like just the right amount. At first, I found myself getting a bit mixed up with everyone – the sporty boys all blended into one. But I got my head around them all pretty fast, which I guess is part of them all seeming so real!
  3. I cried SO MUCH, another thing that’s pretty rare, especially for tv shows. Clay’s tape and the final tape were the worst ones. I wept and I wept and I wept, and I have zero shame in admitting that. How could you possibly not cry?patrick-sad
  4. Clay was just so slow? I binged that show so fast, and I generally struggle to sit through entire movies because I need a break. I watched 8 episodes in 2 days with this! And Clay, he just kept confronting people about what they’d done before he knew all the info, and taking breaks all the time, and… Dude, just listen to the tapes, please!
  5. The suicide scene was too much. I’ve heard it not only encourages copy-cats, which is obviously terrible, but it was really graphic too. I couldn’t watch, or listen, and what I did see is one of those things that sticks in my head. So, please, be careful of that if you’re thinking of watching the show! It really is terrible
  6. Hannah was incredibly selfish. I got it, to an extent, but only in the last few tapes. A lot of her reasons seemed really petty and small, and I think it’s the worst thing you can possibly do to someone to blame them for your suicide. That’s a personal choice, one that’s to do with mental health more than anything, and so the premise of the show was a bit sick in my opinion
  7. Theyre making a season two, and its a blantant money grab. I dont want a blantant money grab, I want a book that has been turned into something beautiful!
  8. It opens up a conversation. One of my friends was pretty affected by it, saying some stuff brought up negative memories, and although we didnt have a deep and meaningful right then and there, it was good to have that conversation starter, or at the very least just something I should keep an eye on
  9. It makes you think, about not only the main problem of Hannah and suicide, but the fact that everyone has their own stuff going on, and you should really just take a second to think about what you might not know, instead of assuming you can get inside the heads of everyone else
  10. It has a damn beautiful soundtrack. Night We Met, anyone?Image result for night we met
  11. Its so powerful it left a void in my heart. Here I am, weeks after, still writing this post because I still havent managed to find the something that could fill that void. There was one book, but it just didnt have that same impact. And when you obsess over something that much, it must be something impressive
  12. Its nice and short, so for someone with a short attention span, you can binge watch the entire show pretty fast, without it consuming more than 13 hours of your life
  13. There just arent enough words. Honestly, I dont know how to explain how much this show affected me. It was bloody brilliant, and I dont think I can say anything you havent heard. I just have to make sure I have a post on here that helps you realise how madly in love I am

And now, we vent and we cry and we make friends in the comments! Are you obsessed (yet)? Or have you avoided it because of how problematic it is? Who is your favourite? Or your least favourite? Let me know everything! Image result for 13 reasons why quotes

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My thoughts on La La Land

Tiny tiny spoilers, but nothing major!

I finally, finally, went and saw La La Land yesterday. My expectations were ridiculously high, mostly because of Dodie Clark and her complete and utter love for it. I’m not going to say it changed my life or anything, and to be honest it probably isn’t even a favourite. I really really enjoyed it, I just didn’t fall as madly in love as I wanted to. 

The soundtrack was by far my favourite part. City of Stars could so easily become my Mia and friends.pngnewest favourite song, and I tried to have the album casually playing the background but ended up dancing all over my room. It’s one of those things that in a few weeks, I’ll have a “my latest obsession” post going up, because I won’t be able to stop listening to it. Or, maybe I’ll keep Moana playing over and over, it really could go either way. I hope that the songs will be Mamma Mia-esque, in that we know the movie is too cheesy, but the songs are too good to not watch it. Although maybe more songs would have been better – it was the same few repeated over and over, and that I wasn’t a fan of.  Continue reading “My thoughts on La La Land”

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I’m a Disney Princess!

Yesterday, I went and saw Moana, and boy oh boy did I fall in love. I’m going to do a proper review on YouTube, but I just wanted to come here and talk about all the fangirling that came from me, a girl in New Zealand.

I’m not Maori, but I am from the same country as the Maori, and I grew up hearing their myths and legends. It’s completely ingrained in my culture, and then there goes a Disney princess (sorry – daughter of a chief), and she has that same culture!! Also, my family is from the Cook Islands, and although it’s my great grandmother that grew up there, my great-aunts are overly proud of their heritage, so I feel like I’m part of it. I’ve visited Rarotonga, where she’s from, and had traditional food, plus a very cultural 90th birthday for my great grandma, so I know how important it is to my family.  Continue reading “I’m a Disney Princess!”

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The Best Luck With Movies

At the moment, I’m on study leave. This means a lot of stress, because exams, but also a lot of doing the same thing, which makes me go a little insane. To fight against the insanity, I’ve been seeing movies. And HOLY MOLY, I’m having good luck with movies at the moment!

In the last week, I’ve seen three; Dr Strange, The Arrival, and Fantastic Beasts. For all three, I was like “eh” about seeing them. Well, Fantastic Beasts I was excited for, but I knew in my heart it would probably let me down *dark flashbacks to Cursed Child*. What actually happened, though, was I fell in love.  Continue reading “The Best Luck With Movies”

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Suicide Squad; A Disappointed Review

Suicide Squad.jpg

Ahh, Suicide Squad. Movie of amazing cast, fantastic trailers, and oh so much hype. For DC fans, I think it was great. For me? Not so much… 

Let me explain. It wasn’t the plot (although that wasn’t amazing), it was the characters. What characters?, you might ask. And that would be fair question! Absolutely no one had a good backstory. Every character had one feature, and that was it. Some had family, some had done something wrong, Harley had a boyfriend. Once that one point had flashed up on the screen in some awful video-game esque introduction, we could happily move on. Apparently, that was all we needed for these to be considered well-rounded characters. Not only could they fight, but they have BAGGAGE. 

*crowd oohs and ahhs* Continue reading “Suicide Squad; A Disappointed Review”

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Game of Thrones Season 6 (Spoiler Free)

I’m probably the last person to write this sort of post, but there you go. I’m definitely the last fan to start watching season 6, so I forgive myself. I don’t know what it is; I just couldn’t motivate myself to start watching. I was four weeks behind when I started watching episode one! I’ve started now though, and as soon as that annoyingly catchy music started playing, I couldn’t stop. I’m finally up to date this week!

Game of Thrones Characters Continue reading “Game of Thrones Season 6 (Spoiler Free)”