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I was recently having a conversation with my friend about soulmates, which I believe in, as does her boyfriend, but she definitely does not. Then I talked to my family, and they said the same, and most of my friends were the same. So, I want to present some thoughts to you, and ask what you think about all of this

I think I understand soulmates differently to how most people do, with how it’s presented in the movies. I believe that there is just one person out there for everyone, and that the universe will push you in the right direction so that you meet them. Eg, my friend I had this conversation with is from England, her boyfriend is from India, but they met at work in New Zealand. Seems like a crazy coincidence, right? Assuming they were soulmates, though, that’d be the universe pushing them together. I definitely think you can fall in love more than once, but there’s one person out there that you’ll end up with forever, your “best love” for want of a better term, and that’s a set thing in the universe.  Continue reading “Soulmates”

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Crushes and love and stuff (the week from hell pt1)

Here’s the situation; a whole lot of drama has happened recently, and I’m not sure if I want to explain it all to you in detail. What I do want, though, is all the self-analysis that has come out of it. So, here comes a whole heap of posts about “the week from hell,” and we’ll see what comes out of them. 

First, let’s introduce the “characters” of this sorry tale. We have Aphrodite, named because she’s dismissed as the pretty one, when she’s so much more than that. Athena, who’s intelligent, and definitely not someone you want against you in a fight. Zeus, who’s becoming the centre of our group (or world, whatever) even though no one is entirely sure if he’s deserving of it, and is likely to banish us from Olympus or strike us with lightening at any second. And finally, Apollo, because I just know how much he’d love to think he’s our light and sun. A side note; if you’re any of these people, or know the names of any of these people, please stop reading. This post is for me, not for you.  Continue reading “Crushes and love and stuff (the week from hell pt1)”

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I want to fall in love (just not with him)

It’s been agreed by my friends that being single SUCKS. I mean, a lot of people agree, but this was a conversation we had pretty recently, about how we all want to fall in love and have a cute little relationship. Let me give a quick bit of background – me and another mike-rossgirl, who have both been in decent relationships (and probably in love), and a boy who was in a relationship until about February. The boy is 10/10, and typical me, I’ve gone and fallen for him (I KNOW). Anyway, he is desperate for that person to have, since he had one so recently, whereas us two are more used to it. Does that mean I don’t want it, though? Absolutely not. 
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Changing For Love

Today, my friend came over and, among other gossip, we got talking about religion. She said that she’d had a conversation with some other friends, and asked them if they’d convert for the sake of someone they wanted to marry. Interestingly, she said she would, whereas I said I wouldn’t. 

I’m not religious, personally. This doesn’t mean I hate everyone who is or anything stupid like that, I just don’t believe. So, to me it would feel wrong to go and say that I believe in something that I don’t. Maybe for the sake of getting married in their church, but I would make it pretty clear that that was the only reason. She, however, said that she’d try and uphold some of their values, to the point of wearing a hijab in the home of her partner’s family. I would dress more modestly, of course, but why should I wear something to cover up my hair when I don’t believe I have to? And when in some religions, converting can take six or seven years, is it really something I should go through just for a marriage in a church? Is it really something that’s going to be so important to them? Continue reading “Changing For Love”