I’m coming to Europe!!

Yes, this little New Zealand girl is coming over to Europe!! I am SO EXCITED. But I want your advice, little European people (or people who have traveled there). What are the best places to go to? Where are those little gems that I might be missing out on? Here's what I have planned so... Continue Reading →

My planning system

I like to think of myself of a relatively organised person. Don't get me wrong, I could be better, but I'm usually pretty on top of things I want to get done. So, because these are the sorts of posts I love reading, I thought I'd run you through how I organise myself.  To do lists. I have... Continue Reading →

I moved out! // Jan 2018

If you've been around here a while, you'll know the struggle I've had with trying to find a flat. First trying to find a group to flat with (shout out to the two groups of people that kicked me out !!), then finding an actual place that didn't need me to work 100 hours a week to... Continue Reading →

Everyone is LEAVING

The other night, I went to a party at a friends, which was the last gathering of their group of 25ish friends, plus some others (like me and my friends). I really had such a good night, I got about 3 hours sleep because we stayed over, we danced to old songs and those songs... Continue Reading →

Packing Up

As of February, I won't be living in my house anymore. And because I have the biggest room, I'm properly moving out, into a smaller, sort of spare room. You'd think that since I have a month and a half, this wouldn't be a stressful prospect. It is, though. It's very stressful.  I'm writing this... Continue Reading →


We are oh so close you guys, and I am HYPED. Now that I'm old and stuff, and not really a child, I've been doing a lot more shopping for myself, instead of my mum doing it all. This means that I can get excited for my presents IN ADVANCE, because I know what's coming.... Continue Reading →

If I Ruled The World

Imagine I became the Queen (definitely not specifically thinking of Levana here), and had the power to do whatever I wanted. No limits to my power. No one trying to stop me. I have the whole world in my hands. And what would I do with it?  Some Great Let's fix the obvious; everyone is... Continue Reading →

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