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I was recently having a conversation with my friend about soulmates, which I believe in, as does her boyfriend, but she definitely does not. Then I talked to my family, and they said the same, and most of my friends were the same. So, I want to present some thoughts to you, and ask what you think about all of this

I think I understand soulmates differently to how most people do, with how it’s presented in the movies. I believe that there is just one person out there for everyone, and that the universe will push you in the right direction so that you meet them. Eg, my friend I had this conversation with is from England, her boyfriend is from India, but they met at work in New Zealand. Seems like a crazy coincidence, right? Assuming they were soulmates, though, that’d be the universe pushing them together. I definitely think you can fall in love more than once, but there’s one person out there that you’ll end up with forever, your “best love” for want of a better term, and that’s a set thing in the universe.  Continue reading “Soulmates”

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Happiness; an unachievable goal

“Happiness,” as a concept, is something we all define very differently. I don’t need to explain that to you; we’ve all read Harry Potter, you know the Mirror of Erised. What I’ve recently realised, though, is that this Mirror of Erised type of idea (also known as the “white picket fence and red door” image of perfection) is something that’s not necessarily achievable. Not that happiness isn’t achievable, but it’s not something we should be looking for in this sort of way. 
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Justice League

Listen, you might have seen my review on Thor the other day. And you might be thinking, hey, you biased bitch! What’s all this hate on DC? But I can assure you, friends – I wanted to like Justice League. I really, truly, hoped that I would fall in love with this movie. But I couldn’t. It was just… bad. The best I can do for you is call it “okay.” 
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Some cute photos

Originally, all of these photos were going to get separate posts, and the stories behind them, and it was going to be great. But now, it’s been such a long time between them all, that it feels a bit late! So, instead, here’s some photos with lil stories thrown in, of some good times I’ve been having lately. 

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Serial; a podcast review

Over the last half of semester, I came home just about every weekend. This meant a two-hour bus ride home, and a two-hour bus ride back to uni. So, I binged on podcasts. A lot of podcasts. And one of these was the first season of Serial, about a woman attempting to find out what really happened in the case of Adnan Syed, imprisoned for the murder of Hae Lee. This wasn’t a case I’d heard anything about before this podcast, but I found all the research done around it fascinating.  Continue reading “Serial; a podcast review”

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My Current Obsession: Hayley Kiyoko

The best group chat I’m in, by far, is with my internet friends called “All the Gay.” In it, we share almost solely LGBTQ+ things, and honestly, it’s glorious. One of the things in there recently was a music video from Hayley Kiyoko, and honestly, it was the gayest and most beautiful thing. The song was called Feelings, and I became instantly obsessed. Cut to me now, playing music by her on repeat again and again (including right now), and being just fully in love. I would strongly recommend her stuff, it’s so, so good! Continue reading “My Current Obsession: Hayley Kiyoko”