Some cute photos

Originally, all of these photos were going to get separate posts, and the stories behind them, and it was going to be great. But now, it’s been such a long time between them all, that it feels a bit late! So, instead, here’s some photos with lil stories thrown in, of some good times I’ve been having lately. 

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I went for a weekend away to Dunedin, where two of my friends are currently at university. I surprised the one on the left, and it went so well. We went out for dinner, to the gardens, to the beach, to the museum… I was a proper little tourist, and I loved it so, so much!

Me, in my last week at a university that has been… well, not the best time. It’s had ups and downs, for sure, but I’m so glad to be able to start fresh next year! My friend came up to visit me, and we took many a cute photo around campus (and when I say me, it was mostly her and her 10/10 photography skills). 


Same friend when with me to the pool and a cute park, and again, the cutest photos!


I had a Brownie camp with the unit I used to be part of, and part of that included a treasure hunt around the waterfront. Look how damn cute these girls are! I’m floating between units at the moment, and seeing these girls often, but not regularly. It’s kind of nice to not have that set commitment though, y’know?


I went shopping, and bought this top. To be honest, there’s no story. I just look hot, so. 


And finally, I went to dinner just last week with my high school friends! The place went cooks the food in front of you, which I think is cool. And I’m just so full of love for my friends – dear god I miss them when we’re all spread out at uni. 

So, there ya go, a little catch up me in photo form! They have no connection whatsoever, but that’s okay, get them all out in one post. Link me to your Instagrams, so I can stalk you as well!

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  1. ‘I went shopping, and bought this top. To be honest, there’s no story. I just look hot, so.’ YES 👏🏻 YOU 👏🏻 DO WORK IT GIRL

    Anyway this is such a cute post with such cute photos. Glad to see you’ve been enjoying yourself ❤️

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