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A Spotify Playlist For Those Days When You Just Want To Punch Someone

Are we noticing a running theme yet? I have a lot of pent up emotion at the moment. This time, though, we get to see it through music. Oooh, ahhh. 

This playlist was created a couple of weeks ago, and is basically all I’ve been listening to. It’s a dense 53 songs, but we can break it down into some categories for you. This way, you can either listen to mine, or change around things that are going to work better for you!

The “girl power” songs

By this, I mean Beyonce and Fifth Harmony, basically. Like, if I’d just been dumped, my playlist would be almost entirely these songs, where I feel totally bad-ass, and want to re-watch Wonder Woman then go fight the patriarchy. I like to start off with one of these songs, so I can flick my hair out behind me, and feel damn sexy. Smash patriarchy.gif

The weirdly specific songs

The ones that are directed specifically at the people I’m mad at. These are the ones that I’m going to keep adding throughout any future dramas, but right now they consist of classics like “Fuck You,” “I Hate Everything About You,” etc. To be clear, I am sad about losing these people, but this is my angry playlist, there’s no room for sadness! There are other songs on there where the lyrics specifically apply to this situation too, but you don’t need to know about that. 

The throwback songs

A lot of these are actually girl power songs, too, but they fit better here. I’m talking SPICE GIRLS Promotional photo of UK pop girl group about  1996. Image shot 1996. Exact date unknown.“Pretty Girl Rock,”  “Milkshake,” “Come on Eileen,” “Wannabe,” and other timeless classics. They’re those songs that you somehow know all the words to, even if you don’t know why, and there’s no better feeling than shouting the lyrics of a song, or dancing to them. 

The “break some stuff” songs

“Believer” by Imagine Dragons is the ultimate one for this, but there are some other good ones on there. Taylor Swift is good for this, and also, strangely, the Glee cast. These are the songs that I blast in my ears while I’m walking, usually. Then I can stomp around, smash branches, kick signs, etc etc. You always need a soundtrack for those sorts of angry walks. Angry.gif

The “I am so much better than you/this” songs

“You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” for example. Again, Taylor Swift, and a whole heap of break up songs that you’d expect on any girl’s phone. Even though, to reiterate, I have not been dumped, and romantic feelings are not the problem. But being dumped and losing friends have the same sort of lyrics to them… Plus, they’re often really empowering, and make me feel like a bad ass who don’t no man/woman/toxic friends. Sharpay gif

The “cheer up” but still have a good dance songs

Generally songs that have good memories associated with them, like “Uma Thurman,” “My Body,” and “Swalla.” These are the sort of songs that are going to change for every individual person, but they’re songs that I always sing along to, or always want to dance to. And emotional people need that!

And there’s my playlist! With a lot of pent up rage, obviously. Do you have playlists for different moods? What’s on your angry one?



I was a book blogger for a while, and I now blog about every little thing in life I can think of. Bear with me while I try all these new posts out... I'm a New Zealand teen who gets angry about the world (but not angry enough for tumblr). I like to capture the world through photos and words, and read in all the moments in nz-squadbetween. I have an overwhelming desire to see every corner of the world I possibly can, and hug the people I love in all those corners. I can't do make up to save myself, and you're more likely to find me buying matching stationary than matching clothes. My nerd hobbies include a new found love of the Avengers, reading YA, watching Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, and every vlogger I can find, and being the last person on the music bandwagons. I have big plans for the rest of my life, including university, teaching, travelling, and having an army of puppies. I plan to blog every second of it!

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