Why I Love Me Tag

I found this tag from my good pal Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen, ages and ages ago, and it was created by ThoughtfulTash. Thanks friends! Basically, the tag is about celebrating self-love, something we’re extremely lacking in (especially me at the moment). I’ve had the tag sitting around for ages, unwritten, and Sad Me sure as heck needs some cheering up. So, we write 10 things we love about ourselves, and the reason why!

  1. My eyes are definitely my best physical feature, because they’re such a cool colour. Are they blue? Are they green? Who knows, not me. 
  2. My writing is something I’m proud of basically all the time. Sad me writes some bloody fantastic stuff, and happy me can do some cool stories. 
  3. My creativity, which kind of goes with the writing thing, but can be applied to a whole lot more than that. My YouTube channel, for example, or my imagination that comes through when I read, or the elaborate analogies I come up with. 
  4. My ability to love, completely whole-heartedly. I’m very all or nothing with people, Love Balloonsand I will go through absolute hell when I think I’m going to lose a friend, or if I see someone hurting them. Maybe this isn’t always a good thing, but I know it’s something I value in my friends as well. 
  5. My organisation skills. It’s so minor, but I’m hardly ever one to forget important dates, or leave things to the last moment. I don’t have a solid organisational system that I stick to, it changes a lot, but it always seems to work!
  6. My anger at the whole world, and the passion that comes from it. Meaning, I hate everyone and everything, but also because of the intense love, I have this weird thing where I just want to go out and fight someone. You know, like the patriarchy. 
  7. My curiosity, and my desire to learn everything, all the time. It makes for some really fascinating conversations, because I’m full of questions about the most minor things that people drop into conversation. Yes, talk to me about your religion, your extended family, your tattoo, everything! I want to learn about all your passions, teach me!Question Marks
  8. In a similar sort of way, the way I can talk to people meaningfully. I think that I can hold conversations around a whole load of topics, and I don’t feel the need to talk about my problems all the time. So, I get a lot of people opening up to me and going to me for advice, which I actually love. I guess it goes with the loving thing too, because I love feeling like I can help people!
  9. I’m really good with kids! Just ask my little Girl Guide unit, they absolutely love me. I hope I’m the kind of Guide leader that they’re going to remember as being the best, because they definitely love me at the moment, and it’s so precious. I’ve been like that for years, though, always the kid that helped out with the year 1’s at primary school, and all of that. Being loved is the best sort of feeling. 
  10. That I keep going. I’m struggling to think of enough things to fill up this list, as sad as that is, but I am Sad at the moment, capital S. Or maybe, capital D for Depressed. Life has been absolute shit the last few weeks, and I’ve been trying my best to see my friends a lot, and write a lot, and do things that keep my mind busy. It’s hard, honestly, but people that cause this sort of stuff shouldn’t be worth it (something I’m still coming to terms with, but hey ho). Next semester is going to SUCK, but I also have faith that it’s going to get better. So, I keep going. “This too shall pass,” and all of that. 

Ta da! I won’t tag anyone in particular, just you, person reading this who might be having a bad day. Maybe just a little thing went wrong, or maybe a whole heap is going wrong, so try this for me, will you? Hopefully it’ll cheer you up!


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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re sad, I hope things start to look up for you 🙂 I love learning too. I think curiosity is a good thing, because if we’re not curious then I feel life can be so boring, it’s good to explore and see different things. I’ve been listening to a podcast called Stuff You Should Know and they talk about everything under the sun. They have so many epiosdes and I’m slowly starting to catch up that I’m going to be sad when I don’t listen to it every day. I’ll have to hunt down a new podcast! 😛 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I completely agree, it’s so important to be constantly changing your views on things, and learning new things. I’ll have to check out that podcast, it sounds really interesting! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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