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Uni Orientation – The Highlights

Check out yesterday’s post to see how my moving in day went!

At our uni, we have a week’s worth of orientation events before lectures start, known as “o-week” where the whole country just drinks. It’s a great time, honestly. I’m not going to tell you every single thing we got up to as a hall, but I will tell you the best bits. 

Wednesday was the first official day, and the main event was the pool party. Good old DJ Fresh was playing (I kid you not, that was his actual name), and we hung out, played piggy in the middle with most of our hall (that’s 50 odd people), went down waterslides, and just generally had fun! This was actually a really bad mental health day for me, so I think that probably ruined the experience a bit. I’m not sure if it was actually kind of lame, or if it was just me? Anyway, it happened, it was fun, but could have been better I think! 

On Thursday we broke a world record, and had the comedy gala, where a couple of New Zealand comedians came and did stand-up for us. Yeah, we actually broke a world record!! It was for the most people standing up at the same time, pressed back to back in two rows. We KILLED IT, almost tripling the original record with over 400 of us. It was surprisingly not that difficult actually, just a really cool thing to say that I did! The comedy gala was 2/3rds hilarious, 1/3rd a bit too weird… If you follow me on Snapchat (victoriajaynes), you may have seen the guy in his underwear eating a spoonful of cinnamon, a gallon of milk, chili powder, and snorting a condom out of his nose. Yeah. The other two were hilarious though, especially the guy ripping apart one of the people in the audience that just wouldn’t shut up. This was probably my favourite bit of all of 0-week! 

Friday was the op-shop ball, where we all bought fabulous second clothes and had the uni equivalent of a school disco. DJ Fresh was back at it again, as well as some band that was decent, but not suited for a bunch of people that just wanted to dance at drink. Yeah, the alcohol we were buying was probably the biggest difference between this and a school disco… I got my dress for $7, and I like it enough to wear out again, so yay! I think I didn’t drink enough to have the best time, but a lot of people complained about how lame it was. I went out to town afterwards too, for the first time ever! But that’s another post, don’t fret. op-shop-ball

Saturday held the most important event for any uni student, the toga party. I don’t know if this is a worldwide thing, so if it’s not, it basically consists of everyone getting dressed up in togas made from sheets and drinking a whole lot of alcohol. Same thing as the night before really, I wasn’t drunk enough, the music was very average, and it could have been a whole lot more fun than it was. I really liked those moments of intense dancing though, where you get really in the moment and just have the best time. Unfortunately, those moments were rare… It was good, just not great, you know? toga-party

We’re called the Matai Mambas by the way, so this photo is us doing our little snake symbol!

Honestly, this post made o-week sound a lot more lame than it was… I did a whole lot of bonding with a whole lot of different people, it just wasn’t as great as I was expecting, you know? It’s certainly not much compared to how hard some of the other universities go. I’ll do a post on lectures in a little while, and being the nerd that I am, that post’ll be a lot more positive. Here it is, though, my thoughts and stuff. 

Do you do o-week at your uni? Did it live up to expectations? Or do you have high hopes for when you get to go? Let me know, chat to me! 



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4 thoughts on “Uni Orientation – The Highlights

  1. I find it really funny that universities have weeks like this, considering I go to a culinary school and we got basically a week long lecture about not breaking the dishwasher and knife safety for orientation. But I’m glad you had fun, and good luck with the rest of college!

    Thanks for stopping by Writing on a Vintage Typewriter!

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