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UNIVERSITY!!! – Move In Day

You may have noticed that I’ve disappeared from this blog, for way way too long. Is this going to change? I can’t promise anything, honestly. Get ready for more sporadic posting. This was actually going to be seven posts about my first week at uni, but instead it’s going to be about three. Sorry! 

I moved in on Sunday, and it was actually a close thing. I’d been vomiting for the last couple of days, and I felt completely awful. I think the electrolytes helped, they gave me energy and stuff, so I just decided I had to get up and do it. It gave me no time to think about actually leaving home, which meant minimal tears! It was way more painless than I expected, actually. 

My parents hung around for a bit while I unpacked, and they took a suitcase back with them so I had a bit more floor space. My room is actually pretty big though, I have loads of room! My wardrobe is big too, I could easily fit more stuff in there. More tears and stuff when they left, but like I said, it hadn’t sunk in yet, so I wasn’t too bad. We’ll get to that bit, don’t worry. 

People were still coming in all afternoon, so it was filled with pretty chill bonding games. You know, the sorts of things where we all say our names and what we’re studying (Victoria, BA in sociology and media studies), find people with the same birthday as you, all that sort of stuff. We went down for dinner at 5:30ish, and actually the food is pretty good! There’s loads of variety, burgers and fish and lasagna and nachos and all sorts, it changes every night as well as having a lot to choose from each day. The way ours works is we have a set amount to use every day, and we can use it on whatever meal and whatever time during the day. I’ve got it sussed now, but it was a little stressful doing it on the first day! 

Everyone was keen for an early night on Sunday, so we hung out for a bit longer after dinner, then went to bed. I had some really good chats with loads of different people, but the thing I really struggled with was remembering names. I can recognise people, and I know I’ve had conversations about certain things with them, but names just don’t stick in my head for some reason. I’m getting better though!

Really, Sunday was pretty chill, not a lot going on. It was just a whole lot of new stuff being thrown at you all day, and it’s tricky to try and remember it all. It gets better though, and everyone is in the same boat as you! 



I was a book blogger for a while, and I now blog about every little thing in life I can think of. Bear with me while I try all these new posts out... I'm a New Zealand teen who gets angry about the world (but not angry enough for tumblr). I like to capture the world through photos and words, and read in all the moments in nz-squadbetween. I have an overwhelming desire to see every corner of the world I possibly can, and hug the people I love in all those corners. I can't do make up to save myself, and you're more likely to find me buying matching stationary than matching clothes. My nerd hobbies include a new found love of the Avengers, reading YA, watching Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, and every vlogger I can find, and being the last person on the music bandwagons. I have big plans for the rest of my life, including university, teaching, travelling, and having an army of puppies. I plan to blog every second of it!

12 thoughts on “UNIVERSITY!!! – Move In Day

  1. Good luck! I think a lot of schools go out of their way to make sure students are super busy the first week of school so they don’t miss home too much and stuff.

    I think, unless you’re in a major that’s notoriously time-consuming, like some of the STEM ones, college will be one of the greatest times of your life for flexible scheduling. Sure, there’s always stuff going on and you need good time management to keep track of all the due dates, but the really glorious thing is that it’s not like high school or a 9-5 job where you’re required to sit at a desk for 8 hours in a row and can’t deal with your hobbies till you get home at 6 and are too tired then anyway. (Studies have also indicated that most college students do not spend as much time studying outside of class as professors things they do/should. Practically no one is putting in anything close to a 40 hour work week between attending class and doing outside homework/studying.) I personally think college is one of the best times to be a blogger, once you settle in and get a routine.

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    1. This is really comforting, thank you! It’s really strange looking at my timetable and seeing how much free time I have, it’s good to know that it won’t be as busy as everyone is warning us it will be. You’ve got my even more excited for everything now, so thanks!!


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