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Sculpting David; a book review

Sculpting David.jpg

I saw this book being advertised on twitter, and so was given this book for free for review. This has not affected my review in any way

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The first part of this book was written from David’s point of view, and it was by far the part I liked the least. His thoughts were incredibly disjointed, and it made it difficult to read. There were little ** every paragraph, and to me those mean a bigger jump in time than just a shift in conversation. He also made the worst mistake of telling us everything, and Loki FacepalmCapitalising words like “in the Love” which really didn’t need a capital. Sometimes, sure, but there’s a point and it was definitely passed. What made me even more mad is that I know the author is better than that; they proved it in the next two parts! This part centred entirely on David, and I know that was the point of the book. But his “blue eyed boy” and Helen and his family had brief mentions, where he talked about the impact they had on his life. They had no personality, though, and that bothered me. I wanted to fall in love with them just as much as he had! And, oh, we’ll get to the sexuality thing. It deserves it’s own paragraph, that mess. 

Part 2 was Alexander, the blue eyed boy that David was so in love with. What I want from this book is to cut part 1, and start from here, with some major edits to that ending. Maybe alternating chapters with Helen? Then we can get the whole picture, and it’d be wonderful. See, my biggest problem was that Alexander often didn’t give us any new perspective on what we’d already read, it was a lot of repetition. I wanted something new, and there wasn’t enough of that. This part was written SO MUCH BETTER though, and after struggling so much through part 1, I found it easy to stay reading this. I wouldn’t say I couldn’t put it down, but I was anxious to finish it so I could write this review, and I did that easily. 

Then, we have Helen. Like I said, cutting David and giving us more Helen could have

It really was ridiculous

worked a lot better. Helen told us a lot about David’s past, and I found it fascinating learning so much. I love reading through the point of view of someone in love, and she wrote with that tone of awe that worked so well. Sure, I wanted to punch her a bit in the end. It was such a dumb thing to try and hide! But this was by far my most favourite part of the book, short as it was. 

Okay, okay, the sexuality thing. I was told this book was about a bi man – as a bi person myself, who’s trying to read more diversely, of course I leaped to read it! And, yeah, he was bi or pan, since he was in love with both Helen and Alexander. SO WHY DIDN’T HE SAY THAT? We had the subplot of his family hating him because he was gay, and a couple of conversations about him being confused about whether he was gay, and I was like, dude, you’re definitely not gay. Remember that woman you were in love with? Remember her?!? Gay people don’t have feelings like that, not real feelings! Then he said he didn’t like labels, he just loved people for being them. Well, hey, I could get into another conversation about why I like bi/pan people using labels for the sake of representation, but I won’t. If he doesn’t feel that he’s bi, fine. But OH BOY all I wanted was for him to use that label. Just once. You aren’t gay, mate, you. Are. Bi. Or. Pan. Or something else maybe, sure, but I’m pretty sure one of those? Ughhhhh, I just want good bi representation, please. 

If you didn’t get it, I’m disappointed. I think I want to read other things from this author (but not David-central things) because there’s hope. There’s potential, and I really hope this is only the beginning. I’ve given it a low low rating, but I don’t think I’d say no to reading more!Two Stars



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