Harry Potter Life Tag

Thanks so much to Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff for this tag! It’s from August. It’s now the end of December. Leave me alone, okay?  Just pick four books, and use them to answer the prompts. I chose Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (of course), Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas. 

Your Wand

Open book 1 at a random page. The first noun you see will be what your wand is made of

Mittens, apparently… I mean, at least I’ll be warm?

Your Pet

Does book 2 have animals? One of those animals will now be your pet. If the book doesn’t have any animals, then I’m sorry but your pet-less. 

YES, that means I get Hedwig! Or Trevor! Or Fluffy, or Fang! So many choices, I want to pick them all!!!Hedwig.gif

Your House

Open book 3 at a random page. Whatever House you’d think the character’s name you first see belongs to, is your House (woah that’s a weird sentence, hope that made sense)

Amy (actually, Amazing Amy). I’m not going to say the obvious, I’m going to say Ravenclaw. Criticise her as much as you want, but she’s a GENIUS, you can’t deny that! And I think if I wasn’t a Hufflepuff I would be a Ravenclaw, so I’m pretty happy with that 

Your Golden Trio

Open book 4 at a random page. The first two names will be your best friends and complete your squad. If there’s only one name at said page, open another random page.

Elide and Manon. Manon is going to kick ass, and I am so ready for that. Elide, though… Well, we’ll look after her I guess. 

Your Head of House

Open book 1 at a random page. The first name you’ll see will be your Head of House

Simon Snow.jpgSimon Snow. God, could you imagine? It’d be equally amazing and just awful

Your Arch Nemisis

Naturally you’ll need your arch nemesis/school rival. Open book 2 at a random page, the first name you’ll see will be your enemy.

Snape, very apt I think (even if I do secretly love him as a baddie)

Your Patronus

Open book 3 at a random page. The first living creature you’ll see will be your Patronus

I’m pretty certain people shouldn’t count, but the page I flipped open said Nick Dunne; Killer. And I just thought that was so overly dramatic, and imagine pulling that out in a fight! 

Will you win the House Cup?

How many pages does book 4 have? That’s how many points you’ll House have at the end of the school year. If the book has more than 400 pages it will have won the Cup, congrats!

689. Yay for picking overly massive books! I WIN!!!!Fred and George

This was fun, thanks Michelle! I tag these wonderful people to do it next: 

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  6. And any of you who want to do this tag! 


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  1. ‘It’s from August. It’s now the end of December.’ And I’m reading this in June omg 😂 Hahahaha Simon would be great and horrible at being Head at the same time. Like I think he’d be really there for his students and be really caring and all, but I feel like he’d easily make a mess of things as well. I’m happy you had fun doing this tag 😀

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