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I’m sick of praying

I’m writing this just as I’ve heard the news about Berlin and Zurich. And of course, let’s not forget the tragedy that has been Aleppo these last few days. I’m re-tweeting what I see online, I’m writing my own things, and all under this hashtag “Pray for Berlin.” Just as I tweeted under #PrayForParis and #PrayForNice and talked about how I was anti-Trump and pro-feminism and wanting to stop depression and have better representation of minorities. I believe in all these good things, I really truly do. And if you look at online me, you can see that. What’s changing, though? I’m praying but I’m not acting, and without action it’s just sitting around and waiting for the next hashtag. 

Here I am, though, a teenager in New Zealand. I’m not a politician, or in any sort of position of power. I wouldn’t know where to begin starting up a charity, or even who I’d donate the money to. If someone told me to act, I’d jump up and do it, but what is there for me to do? Even for people in the affected cities, it’s hard to do anything. You can open your homes up to refugees maybe, but when it’s a Christmas market that’s been affected, you’re stuck. You could help clean up the markets, and the streets in Nice, and keep cleaning and cleaning until your hands bleed. That’s helpful, it is, but it’s not making any sort of change. None of us sitting here right now are making any sort of change. 

You see, the problem is more than making sure you use someone’s pronouns and reading a little more diversely. It’s more than educating yourself on the Syrian civil war, and it’s more than angrily tweeting Donald Trump. It’s terrorism, and ISIS isn’t reading this hashtag and realising they’re doing the right thing. Regardless of what you believe, God isn’t reading this hashtag and stepping up to do something. It’s us, right here right now. And we’re doing nothing. I wish more than anything that I could say I’m doing more, but I’m not. I don’t know how to. 

This post is a rant, and it doesn’t count as action, any more than a tweet would. It’s me being angry, and yes, it is helping me to get my anger out. It doesn’t mean anything, though. It’s still not action. I’m still useless and stuck and angry, and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. 



I was a book blogger for a while, and I now blog about every little thing in life I can think of. Bear with me while I try all these new posts out... I'm a New Zealand teen who gets angry about the world (but not angry enough for tumblr). I like to capture the world through photos and words, and read in all the moments in nz-squadbetween. I have an overwhelming desire to see every corner of the world I possibly can, and hug the people I love in all those corners. I can't do make up to save myself, and you're more likely to find me buying matching stationary than matching clothes. My nerd hobbies include a new found love of the Avengers, reading YA, watching Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, and every vlogger I can find, and being the last person on the music bandwagons. I have big plans for the rest of my life, including university, teaching, travelling, and having an army of puppies. I plan to blog every second of it!

7 thoughts on “I’m sick of praying

  1. I completely agree with you! I think all of the #prayfor hashtags on Twitter are good to raise awareness about what is happening, and they can prompt people to take action and donate, but overall they don’t have a huge impact on a situation.

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