Exploring My Bookshelves – An Important Announcement!

After 90 Exploring My Bookshelves posts, we have come to this. The very end. At least, the end for me. Since I’ve been going through all my changes to becoming less of a book blog, I figured it was time I stopped posting these as well. So, today we reminisce. 

Look at all those different shelf photos I’ve had. The latest one (with the blue) definitely looks the best, but hey, I tried with the other ones! 

My most popular post was #61, where I talked about my most precious books, and why I actually don’t mind lending them to people, regardless of what they are. 

Shout out to Shannon, who did this post, and thought up all the categories up until #26. Yay for the best co-host ever! 

I’m sad that this is the end, but I’m excited to see everything Shannon does with it in the future. And I can’t wait to see what new things I have to start making up to fill in this hole in my weekly posts! Thank you to everyone who has ever participated, or even just read and commented on one of these posts – you guys are amazing!

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