The most stressful day

Because what is stress if I don’t post it all over the internet?

When you’re at school, you feel all the stress is on top of you all the time. I mean, all of you are going through/have gone through this, so I don’t need to explain that. What’s really strange, though, is the idea of study leave. You don’t have to go to school, but it’s not a break. I guess this is what uni is going to be like, only popping in some days, but it’s a very strange feeling. Yesterday was a more stressful day than a lot of days at school, and my brain just wants to go into rest mode. Not happening, apparently!

So, begin day by being at school by 9, for a 9:30 exam. Why do we have to be there so early? It’s sitting and trying to read over my notes, but really just talking to pals. Then, exam begins. This one was classical studies, so writing on ancient Rome. I did absolutely terribly in my practice exams, failing one and just scraping a pass with the other. This is probably the most stressful exam I’m going to take out of all seven that I’m doing. Two essays, three hours to get it done. Luckily, I’m a weirdly fast writer, so I finished in just under two hours. Each essay was roughly five pages. Life Gif

Begin lunch break. I don’t know if I’ve had a proper rant about my so-called friends on here, but boy oh boy do they frustrate me a lot of the time. So, rude comments from them, them stealing my food, me getting angrier and angrier. Hot dog and hot chips for lunch though, so definitely not all bad! Loki Facepalm

Back to school at 1:30, for second exam starting at 2. This one was English, another two essays. I did really well on my practice exams, so I’m feeling hopeful. My brain, though? Not keen for another exam AT ALL. I forgot quotes, my argument wasn’t strong, it was just… Listen, I passed, and that’s all I really need. I wish I could have used my practice exam results though, because I don’t think I did as well as I could have! sheldon-stress

I finished that in two hours, so walked home. Oh, wait, no, I had to stop and talk to teachers really quick about getting a student loan. THEN I walked home. This was a surreal half hour of proper resting, which I didn’t actually think I was going to get. YAY!

And yep, I’m off again, to be out by 5. I’m a Brownie leader (younger Guides), and I had to do an outdoor assessment to be properly qualified. This meant running an hour and a half long meeting, and making sure all my girls were properly entertained, etc. Do I look like someone who’s ready to do that at this point? We did a fun little treasure hunt to get to the beach, played some games, all good and fun. Apart from when the speakers didn’t work, that bit WASN’T FUN. They were meant to be practicing little dances, and I think it all worked out okay just being played off my phone. That was five minutes extra stress though! I think I passed, but the assessor was very vague and unhelpful. I think she’s going to email me and give me some proper feedback later, though. 

Home at 7ish after chatting, dinner, This Is Us on at 8:30. Yeah, I cried. It’s an emotional show! Holy moly was I exhausted by the time it was socially acceptable to go to

And that was my day! Do you understand my stress? I’m not even going to school, but I still have days like this! Life, can you NOT?

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