Blogtober Broke Me…

Over October, I challenged myself to post once a day, every day. And, surprisingly, I succeeded! If you’ve just started reading this blog, you might laugh. Me, the person who’s writing their second post in the last two weeks, posting every day? I know, I want to laugh too. 

I don’t know exactly if that’s what’s making me avoid posting. And yes, I am avoiding it, I could be using my free time a lot better! My NaNo project is going well (oh look, a link to the only other post I’ve written recently), and I guess I’ve been spending all my time writing a novel instead of keeping up a blog. The problem, though, is that I’ve been ahead

Maybe my brain is too full?

of my expected word count for ages, so why didn’t I use that time to blog? I’m behind now, while writing this post, which almost makes it worse… 

Maybe it’s not NaNo, maybe it’s study? I’m in the middle of exams at the moment, and even though I should be doing a lot more study than I am, maybe the stress in the back of my head is stopping me from blogging. My brain won’t let me have fun, because I should be studying, right? Again, though, NaNo is still happening, so my brain obviously doesn’t care THAT much. 

Appreciate that this post exists, though. This definitely isn’t a promise to post more often, it’s just me acknowledging that I am alive, despite how it might look. I will try though, just don’t get your hopes up! 

I’m also behind on blog-hopping, so link me to your latest posts, and I’ll come say hi! I would love to know what you’ve all been up to

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