We Could Change The World

With school finishing in only a few days for me, forever, I’m having loads of deep and meaningful thoughts about how far we’ve come as a year group. I’ve known these people for five years (more, for some), and look at us now! What blows my mind more than anything else is that we could actually change the world. 

Sure, we’ve always been intelligent, or sporty, or artistic, or musical, and have just improved in the last five years. But that one kid who’s good at science could cure cancer. That artistic kid could be the next Da Vinci, that sporty guy could get an Olympic medal, that girl could lead the UN. Your kids could dance to my friend’s latest pop hit, and afterward go and watch the movie my classmate directed, with my other classmate playing the starring role. Sure, a lot of us are going to have mundane jobs (ideally we’ll all be happy with them), but some of us could change the course of the world. You could change
the course of the world, just by deciding to take maths instead of English this year. change-the-world

It’s simultaneously incredibly exciting and incredibly terrifying. I could be one of those people that changes the world; as a teacher, I could create a new form of learning that becomes compulsory for all teachers to know. Or, I could teach the next Da Vinci, or Olympic athlete, or all of those things I just talked about. The most important part of my life is ahead of me, and everyone else in my year group, and there’s a chance that we could really embrace this and make something happen that has never been dreamed of before. 

It’s crazy to think that our year group have always had to suffer that criticism, this year in particular. We’re lazy, our pranks are harmful, etc. Sure, they’re true, but that’s because we don’t care anymore. High school feels like a bit of a waste! Out in the real world, we’re going to be doing what we love, and that passion is what’s going to drive us to change the world. Not all of us, of course not, but I really think we could do something exceptional. 

See you in a few years, class of 2016. I can’t wait to see what you all have to offer the world. 

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