The Long-Term Bucket List

The other day, I was part of the #GRLPOWER chat, where we talked about our life philosophies. One of these things involved talking about our goals. In the answers to this question, I stumbled upon this tweet from this blogger

And it got me thinking. I have too many things I want to get done in my life, from the littlest things to things that seem unachievable. So, here’s my bucket list, to say yep, I can actually get these things done! 


  1. Get a dog. Sorry cat, you just aren’t doing it for me
  2. Write a book. Not necessarily publish it, just actually finish writing it
  3. Redecorate my room/house
  4. Get a university degree
  5. Be a teacher. Let’s be honest, this one might change when I decide to change my career path
  6. Be a better Brownie leader. At the moment I’m barely qualified, I need to do more! 
  7. Meet a hero (or two). Anyone I look up to counts
  8. Kiss someone on the Eiffel Tower
  9. Meet an elephant
  10. Take a hundred and one cliche travel photos. You know, touching the top of the Pyramids, falling off the Grand Canyon, all that kind of stuff
  11. Go to a country with a completely different culture
  12. Eat some crazy foreign food in a foreign place
  13. Make a ridicously difficult type of food
  14. Fly first class
  15. Be part of a protest
  16. Go to a music festival
  17. Volunteer for a longer than a day. I’ve done plenty of Guiding stuff, but nothing else!
  18. Become friends with a stranger in an unexpected place. School and work etc don’t count
  19. Learn how to drive
  20. Lose my scarf in the wind. Because I want to be in a cliche movie
  21. Record my life for a month Whether that’s a diary, photos, collecting tickets, or whatever
  22. Go the Olympics
  23. Sit in the front row for an event
  24. Grow a plant. Maybe not forever, but planting it and letting it grow for a while
  25. Do something terrifying. I’m a wuss, so this should be relatively easy
  26. Go to a New Years Eve party
  27. Stay awake for 24 hours
  28. Visit all 50 American states. I’ve done three so far
  29. Visit every continent. I’ve done two so far
  30. Visit every Disneyland. I’ve done one so far
  31. Go to another country with my sister. As in my host sister in America, I would love to travel with her again
  32. Go to a carnival. This is different to a fair, okay? In my mind, anyway
  33. Go shopping without worrying about the price
  34. Have something custom made
  35. Do something strange with my hair. Whether that’s dying it, cutting it, etc
  36. Go to a class outside of school
  37. Send a message in a bottle
  38. Swim with dolphins
  39. Meet an internet friend
  40. Make something arty. Nothing over the top, I’m terrible at creative stuff
  41. Go to a traditional event
  42. Go somewhere by myself. Nowhere dramatic, maybe just to a movie? 
  43. Go second-hand shopping for a full outfit
  44. Have a white Christmas
  45. Buy a real Christmas tree
  46. Get a book signed
  47. Have a candlelit dinner
  48. Learn a tricky skill
  49. Break a world record. Apparently my future university does this every year, so hopefully I can tick that off soon?
  50. Go camping for longer than a weekend 

Ta da! We’ll see how well this goes. If you have a bucket list, send me a link. I’d love to see what things you want to achieve. And hopefully I’ll be back soon with another bucket list related post to update you on what I’ve completed

12 thoughts on “The Long-Term Bucket List

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  1. I love this! I have quite a similar list – not as many items, but some of the things you have on yours I have on mine, like “grow a plant” or “fly first class”. I also want to cook something difficult, though I did bake a turkey several years ago that I thiiiink could count. 😉

    Good luck! I love the quote you included.

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  2. Good luck with your bucket list 🙂 many similar items on mine. It’s nice to have smaller easily achievable ones as well as bigger ones as it keeps a positive vibe which boosts you to go for the bigger ones 🙂 go for it

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