How Was My Ball/Prom/Formal?

The thing is, I really wasn’t looking forward to my ball. I went because it’s the last big thing I’m ever going to do with my year group, not because I was excited about how fun it was actually going to be. And, sadly, it lived up to expectations. 

Here’s the thing, though. I hate negative posts! I don’t want to sit here and mope and complain; I have plenty of friends in real life that are more than happy to do that with me. For the sake of positivity, I’m going to tell you the bits I actually did enjoy. 

Spending time with my friends was of course the highlight. Sure, I want to punch them sometimes, but they’re still my friends. Next year we’re all splitting up, and even if I did spend a lot of my time just complaining about wanting to go home, we still banded together in our anger4445hv2016

Getting great group shots, because of course the main point of a ball is to have great photos to prove you had fun, instead of actually having fun. I succeeded in that! 

Spending time with people I usually wouldn’t – all people I talk to, just not people I spend time with regularly. Girls from my English class, a guy I have an awkward on and off friendship with, a girl I haven’t talked to in years, etc etc

Look cute as HECK because of my make-up, hair, and nails all being professionally done, and man did I look HOT

Working out what is and isn’t my idea of fun. As much as this sucked, at least now I know to stay home next time? Hanging out afterwards was fun, just sitting in our beds talking about the world, and it’s good to work out a balance between that

Saying goodbye to my year group was surprisingly bittersweet! This is it, guys! I leave next year!!! This is the last thing we’re going to do together before we leave, and there are loads of people I’m never going to see again. It was really nice to see everyone at their best in the last big thing. This photo is of my original form class from my first two years of high school (the ones we could find), and it’s one of my favourites! 0956hv2016

Look at me go! Positivity, woop! Hopefully you loved looking at my beautiful face (who wouldn’t, right?). If you’ve had a ball, let me know how it was! Or, are you looking forward to the one you’re going to have? Let me know

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  1. Ahhh, takes me back! A lot of people didn’t enjoy ours, guys didn’t want to dance and their girlfriends were making them. Lots of insecure girls getting jealous their boyfriends were looking at other girls…And all the “winners” of the ‘awards’ were spread around one group that were in student council together … You will enjoy those pictures later though!lol…I was single for both of mine, and I think I had the best time,lol

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  2. I love the colour of your dress!! SO MUCH PRETTY! I’m glad you had some positives about the night, but to be fair I think I was the same at my prom. Getting ready with my friends at my house beforehand was fun, meeting the other half of our limousine squad was also fun, the trip there was pretty decent, and again the photos were great too… but that was about all that I enjoyed I think? If I could go back I would definitely change my dress though!

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