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Suicide Squad; A Disappointed Review

Suicide Squad.jpg

Ahh, Suicide Squad. Movie of amazing cast, fantastic trailers, and oh so much hype. For DC fans, I think it was great. For me? Not so much… 

Let me explain. It wasn’t the plot (although that wasn’t amazing), it was the characters. What characters?, you might ask. And that would be fair question! Absolutely no one had a good backstory. Every character had one feature, and that was it. Some had family, some had done something wrong, Harley had a boyfriend. Once that one point had flashed up on the screen in some awful video-game esque introduction, we could happily move on. Apparently, that was all we needed for these to be considered well-rounded characters. Not only could they fight, but they have BAGGAGE. 

*crowd oohs and ahhs*

Maybe I’m being a little harsh. Harley had character. Sure, her character was just the sexy one, but that counts, right? You think I’m kidding, but I’m really not. I’ve had looooong arguments with my friends over whether or not she’s a problem for female characters, and I really don’t want to get into that here. I’ll just show you her outfit, that she wore in every scene of the movie, whether rain or shine, fight scene or drinking in a bar, and let you make your own decision. 

Harley Quinn.jpg
Holy hell is she hot though, hnnngggg

The plot definitely wasn’t terrible though. I did want a lot more – maybe, for example, less of a predictable ending? When a helicopter holding the hot character and the pre-established character (Harley and Joker) is shot down and we’re expected to think they’re dead… I mean, come on, who honestly fell for that? That early in the movie as well? Other scenes worked a lot better, though! I did really like the idea of the Enchantress, although I did want to be on the edge of my seat a little more. The whole idea of the Suicide Squad was a really good one, too. I love me a good criminal, so getting a whole group of them, AND giving them awful ultimatums of their choices on whether to fight… Yep, I did really enjoy that! 

Oh, and let’s not forget soundtrack! It’s being very highly praised, and I do agree that some of those songs are truly amazing. Okay, most of them are truly amazing. I just wish they’d exploited the use of them more. If they’d been extended longer, it could have been so amazing… Bohemian Rhapsody did really well, the way it was used over a couple of shots, not just one extended one. Why couldn’t the other songs have done the same? Oh, and Heathens was used over the credits. Not that that is a complaint particular to this film, just a complaint that I have with a lot of movies… The most hyped up song should be used in a better place in my opinion!Suicide Squad Soundtrack

So, would I recommend it? Well, I definitely wouldn’t say no. Just don’t go in with really high hopes… 



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13 thoughts on “Suicide Squad; A Disappointed Review

  1. Nice review! Though, I find myself disagreeing with you. I actually had trouble with the plot and enjoyed the characters. But that’s just my opinion.

    Though, my thoughts about Harley Quinn? This is a complicated topic, because I understand both sides. But I recently read a review by another blogger and it really made me think. Strong female characters is an important topic and I think it is important to understand that there are many different kinds of strength. I do believe that beauty and sex appeal can be a kind of strength. Harley uses her obvious sex appeal as a strength, using it to manipulate other characters — especially males. This is seen a lot in the comics. The blogger that I said before described this power as raw and ugly, but definitely a power that she wields to get what she wants. I’m not really sure if I made sense, but this is an alternative view. Obviously I don’t agree with sexualising every female character, because I don’t agree with that. But recognising this as another type of power and strength is important as well.

    Anyway! Great review! Definitely gave me more to think about when I watch the movie again 🙂

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    1. Ooh, that’s a really interesting way of looking at it! Can you like me to the post if you remember where you found it?
      I guess you’re right, she definitely is strong in terms of how she uses her sexuality. Although I feel like if that was what they were going for she could have done it differently – often she doesn’t even seem aware that so many people are staring at her, like when she puts on her costume for the first time. Charlie’s Angels is the best example I can think of where they do that really well though, so it definitely is a possibility!

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      1. Yes, Charlie’s Angels is DEFINITELY a wonderful example of that. I think Harley Quinn was more like that in the comics, but it didn’t translate as smoothly into the film. I will have a good look around for the article, because I didn’t save it. But once I find it, I’ll link it to you 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry this wasn’t what you expected. I’ve been hearing back and forth on this movie. Will I personally go watch it? No, due to the fact I love Marvel more than DC. There is only three DC movies that I like and that is the Dark Knight Trilogy. I have a friend who is in love with Harley Quinn and she went to see this and was highly disappointed with what they did with her character.

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  3. I really wanted to see it and I think I still will, but so many people have been put out by it that I’m worried I won’t like it now. Especially since I’m mostly going for Harley (because I’m more a Marvel fan, so she’s the only one I really know besides the Joker from this movie. I mean, I’ve read the first couple in this series, but I’m just not a DC girl.). It sucks that it’s turning into such a disappointment for everyone. :/

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    1. Maybe see it online somewhere? I don’t think it’s worth buying a movie ticket for. I wanted to love Harley so much, she seems like she could be amazing! I haven’t read any of the comics though, I’d be interested to see how it’s all done in those


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