25 Bookish Facts

Thanks to Cheyenne @ Once Upon A Time A Review for tagging me in this! The concept is simple; just list 25 book related facts about yourself! 

25 Bookish Facts

  1. I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. I can’t imagine not loving books, and not spending my free time reading
  2. The first book I really loved was the Tale of Samuel Whiskers by Beatrix Potter. My poor mum knows that book too well!
  3. Harry Potter is my favourite ever series. Honestly, nothing will ever top it, it is my whole lifeHarry_Potter_Collage
  4. I went through a phase of writing a lot of book related fanfiction. Mostly Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl, with a little bit of Twilight thrown in there *cringe*
  5. It took me a long time to come around to the idea of a Kindle. For me, nothing beats reading a paperback, snuggled up in bed. I’ve fallen in love with my Kindle now though, it’s so handy to take around!
  6. I’m terrible at remembering to count up my points in Goodreads challenges
  7. Which is bad, because I’m also obsessed with joining them all, in all the various groups I’m in
  8. I either blog non stop for weeks, or go on unpredictable hiatus for ages. Hence why I haven’t posted for a week…
  9. Same with blog hopping – it’s every day or it’s never, oops
  10. I hate reading huge books, I’ll choose a shorter one any day. I just feel more accomplished that way!
  11. Everyone knows I love to read, but I’m not sure my real life friends know just how much of a book nerd I really am
  12. My blog name comes from me searching for synonyms for nerd – addlepates sounded the coolest!cropped-cover-photo-4.jpg
  13. I don’t really have a bookish “otp”, I just love a lot of couples, and tend to forget about a lot after I’ve finished the book
  14. However, I have A LOT of book boyfriends and girlfriends. Too many? Is there any such thing?
  15. I’ll choose the library over buying books any day. I hate spending money on something that I might hate, and getting rid of it is so much effort. I’d prefer to check a book out and buy the rest of the series if I love it!
  16. Second hand books rank over brand new too. They’re cheaper, and they smell so goodSecond Hand Bookshop
  17. I’ve never found a classic I really love
  18. In saying that, Shakespeare has grown on me a lot more since the beginning of high school, and I find myself actually enjoying the story nowRomeo, Romeo
  19. I even went to a performance of King Lear! And yes, it was amazing
  20. I try not to judge movie adaptions of books too much. They are trying, and the movie is never going to have everything
  21. I like a book that shocks me. If I can predict the ending, is it even worth reading the book?
  22. I’m exaggerating though, I hardly ever DNF books. I’m a lot better than I used to be, but I feel like I’m wasting reading time if I only get halfway through
  23. The worst feeling is when reading seems like a chore, and that’s why I’ve never really got into Netgalley or any of those sorts of sites
  24. I hate hate hate folding over the pages of books instead of using a bookmark. I’ll use scraps of paper if I have to!
  25. Although I have started folding pages to save quotes – too many bookmarks will get me confused! I think I probably need sticky notes to help with that…

Ta da! There are my bookish facts – late, but not as late as these tags usually are. I tag my latest followers, because every one of them has me super excited. I’m so close to 500, which is INSANE!!!

  1. Living How We Envision Life
  2. The Kish Blog
  3. A Writer For Words
  4. Bookish Lovely
  5. Coffee. Read. Review. Repeat
  6. And you, other follower who I also love with all my heart!

12 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts

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  1. Funnily enough, I too have enjoyed writing fan fiction from Harry Potter, AF, and Twilight. (Although, maybe unlike you, I like my Twilight fanfics way better than anything I produced in regards to the former two. *shakes head* It is impossible to have too many bookish paramours, obviously. These were fun facts to read!

    By the way, I tagged you for the Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag at my blog, if you’re at all interested: http://semilegacy.blogspot.com/2016/08/mid-year-book-freakout-tag.html

    Liked by 1 person

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