You Should Listen To This

Over the last little while, I’ve been adding more and more songs to my playlists, ones that I’m finding myself completely obsessed with. So, because I can’t be bothered sitting here reviewing all the books I’ve been reading recently (procrastinating at its finest), I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been listening to!

  1. Heathens by Twentyone Pilots. Yeah, this song isn’t completely new anymore, it’s been out for a little while. Does that make me love it any less? No. Have I stopped playing it on repeat? No. Has it made me a million times more excited for Suicide Squad? HOLY HECK YES!!Heathens.jpg
  2. Medusa by Dirty Heads is different to everything else on this list, but I still love it! It’s the kind of song you can really rock out to, and if I was cool and went to clubs this is the sort of song I’d listen to. Instead, I dance to it in the shower, but same same right?Medusa Song.jpg
  3. MIKA, just every song, honestly. Mostly Emily and Popular Song, those are the ones that I’ve actually gone and added to my playlist, but I still listen to their albums every so often. They’re just so good!MIKA.jpg
  4. Wild by Troye Sivan ft Alessia Cara. I’m always obsessed with Troye, because duh, he’s Troye. Alessia is also someone I adore (although I can’t pronouce her name). As soon as I heard these two were collaborating… MY HEART, HOLY MOLY I CAN’T HANDLE IT!!Troye and Alessia
  5. Stromae is a very cool French artist that I very much love. Even though I can’t understand what’s going on, you can still get the vibe of the story from the song, and it’s still really great to listen to. The problem is, I need more (and maybe better?) French music to listen to… I have found this awesome playlist, and I do love it, but I would like some recommendations from you guys too!French Music.jpg

So, there’s the music I’m loving at the moment! Hopefully this has given you some sort of idea of my taste in music, so that you can recommend me all of your favourite songs, and I can find new music and fall in love with it. Yes? Great! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 


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