What I Love (Cheyenne, A Guest Post)

Welcome to my new weekly guest posts, where we talk about what we love. If you’re interested in posting, let me know, and we can chat about it! Without further ado, here’s my first blogger…

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Hello people of Addlepates and book nerds, my name is Cheyenne and I run the blog Once Upon A Time A Review. Today I’m going to be discussing what I love, and in all honesty I love a lot of things. To pick just one object, thing, person, is next to impossible. Love is very abstract and everyone can have different views on it. For me loving any one thing, would be a very lonely life. I’m not sure how well this post will go, but here it is.

I love my family and friends they are the best thing ever. I love reading and blogging and the amazing community that I’m a part of. I love Netflix and watching some of my favorite shows. I love Supernatural and Once Upon A Time. I absolutely adore music and almost anything music related. I love writing that’s what I want to do with my life. I have a chance to be someone’s favorite author or get them into reading and I love the thought of that. I love creating things. I love school, bet I’m like the only person who will ever say that. I love mythology thanks to Rick Riordian. I love Carry on My Wayward Son is one of my favorite classic rock songs. I love 1964 red mustang with white leather seats, in case if you didn’t realize that’s my dream car. I love my laptop and my kindle. I love doing nail art. I love lipstick. I love my personal jam outs with my favorite music. I love my best friend because best friends are important in life they become like family and trust me she is like my sister. I love old disney tv shows. I love disney movies. I love my blog. I love creating things. I love Marvel. I love photography. I love sleeping. I love learning new things. I love swimming. I love softball, volleyball,marching band, and cheerleading. I love that there is so many cool places to travel to in this world. I love my personality and being a happy person. Most of all I love dreaming and I’m glad that I can make my dreams come true.
Wow I love a lot of things, and I didn’t even go into great detail. I hope you guys have learned a little bit about me and if you want more of me I would love for you to check me out. I post almost every single day because you know life gets in a way. I’m so happy that I have this opportunity to guess post on here. Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.



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