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Game of Thrones Season 6 (Spoiler Free)

I’m probably the last person to write this sort of post, but there you go. I’m definitely the last fan to start watching season 6, so I forgive myself. I don’t know what it is; I just couldn’t motivate myself to start watching. I was four weeks behind when I started watching episode one! I’ve started now though, and as soon as that annoyingly catchy music started playing, I couldn’t stop. I’m finally up to date this week!

Game of Thrones Characters

The hype is not wrong. Season 6 is AMAZING. Honestly, blowing my mind every two seconds. GoT is always a confusing show to follow, but I think I’m doing pretty well keeping up this season. Let’s give you a quick run down of what’s going on, trying my best to avoid any spoilers. 

  • Arya Stark is a bit of a mess. She had a terrible thing happen to her at the end of the last season, and its the kind of thing that has lasting consequences. Like, consequences that are ruining her life… That’s been fixed though, thankfully, but at the end of episode 6 everything started going downhill for her again. Sigh. I thought she’d really started getting happierArya Stark
  • Jon SnowIf you read the Internet at all, your probably know what’s going on with him. I found out within a day of it happening, despite doing my best to avoid spoilers. I have to say, I’m really pretty mad about it. His incident should have had lasting effects, AND IT DIDN’T. I get it, there’s magic going on. But it’s one of the things I hate most in fantasyJon Snow
  • Sansa Stark is actually becoming a character I don’t hate. Up until the end of last season, she has been SO WEAK, and every single thing she said made me want to punch her in the face. Now, she’s gone through a lot, and particularly now that she’s found someone who can help her out, she’s become bad ass as heck. Hopefully she keeps it up, and doesn’t back to old, lame her! Sansa Stark
  • Daenyrys Targarean. I always have and always will be in love with this one. She’s so precious, but also bad ass, and just yusss. People complained about her last season, saying that her story line was getting a bit boring. She’s made up for it this season though! She’s a tiny bit crazy, but I forgive her. I also love the culture she’s part of, being a Khaleesi and suchDaenyrys
  • Cersei Lannister. First off, I don’t think I’m a fan of her short hair. I was really in love with her, and now it’s all gone… It’s a sad time we live in. Second off, she is breaking my heart. Yeah, okay, she’s an antagonist type character. That doesn’t mean she deserves all the pain she’s going through! I felt so sad for her in that one particular scene, and Tommen really isn’t helping her situationCersei Lannister
  • Margaery Tyrell needs a punch in the face after episode six, but other than that is fairly interesting. Her family is always plotting, she’s usually plotting, and I love the stories of the religion. The High Sparrow is evil as heck, and without Margery’s story line we wouldn’t really get to see much of that. I’m hoping she becomes a tad more interesting soon thoughMargaery Tyrell
  • Hodor is the one that everyone knows about, right? Hold the door etc? Yeah, let’s not go into too much detail on that, because I’ll cry again. It was the most heartbreaking scene, ugh!Hodor

So, there’s a very difficult run down of what’s been happening! Hopefully I didn’t give too much away… If you’ve been watching it, come fangirl with me! If you haven’t been, WHY THE HELL NOT? Actually though, still tell me, I’m really interested to know



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