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The Unknown Unknown; Bookshops And the Delight of Not Getting What You Want

Mark Forsyth – author of the Sunday Times Number One bestseller The Etymologicon – explores in this essay specially commissioned for Independent Booksellers Week, why Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy would never have met online, the pleasure of leafing through a dictionary, and why only a bookshop can give you what you never knew you were looking for.
Unknown Unknown
I’ve never really read any essays like this, not all the way through at least, and definitely not outside of school. So it was interesting to read something really different and out of my comfort zone, particularly when it was an easy 25-page read. I was gifted it by my Gran, who is a massive book lover, and enjoys giving me odd little things like this.

I found the topic of it really fun to read; bookshops are a wonderful, magical place, and I’m glad there’s an author who appreciates that! I never really analyse what I’m shopping for when I’m in a bookshop, so it was strange (in a good way) to see someone who had done all that thinking. Then he made me think of it all myself. It should make my next book shopping experience different!

My favourite thing was his style of writing, including all the references to his real life examples. There were book that everyone knows, books that only he knows, and stories that he obviously loved telling. He was obviously really passionate about what he was writing about, and I love that that was clear through his writing. It wasn’t a ‘scary’ essay like you’d expect. Instead, it was really personal, and he made it feel like a little chat between book lovers.

I’m not sure if this essay has convinced me to read more, but it certainly hasn’t put me off reading more. If this is something you’d usually enjoy, I’d definitely recommend it!

 Four Stars


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