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Nowhere To Be Found by Bae Suah [I’ve Never Been More Disappointed]

A nameless narrator passes through her life, searching for meaning and connection in experiences she barely feels. For her, time and identity blur, and all action is reaction. She can’t quite understand what motivates others to take life seriously enough to focus on anything—for her existence is a loosely woven tapestry of fleeting concepts. From losing her virginity to mindless jobs and a splintered, unsupportive family, the lessons learned have less to do with the reality we all share and more to do with the truth of the imagination, which is where the narrator focuses to discover herself.
Not even a cool photo for you, because just ugh
Nowhere To Be Found
The quickest of quick reviews, because I have never been more lost for something to say about a book.
If you asked me for a plot recap, I could tell you nothing. I don’t know a single character’s name, not even the main character. I don’t know how she felt, apart from often dead inside. I know she went to college, and had sex with a boy. Did she like him? I don’t know. Was she happy? Probably not, but I really don’t know. I’ve read books like that before, where I find myself lost. Take A Song of Ice and Fire, for example; it’s a huge book, with a lot of characters who have weird names. I get confused all the time reading those books. This one, though, was perfectly normal. There wasn’t a lot going on – the opposite, actually. So why was I so lost? Was I really that bored that I couldn’t let anything stick in my head? Or was it just so poorly written that there was meant to be no way you could understand the story?

Nothing was explained in any detail. Events were rushed over so we could move on to the next one, until we ran out of events and the book just stopped. There was absolutely zero character depth. And I’m not exaggerating, I mean we were given nothing on any of the characters. We were told the bare basics; “He’s my brother, she’s my sister”, “We have a strange romance”, etc. But there was never anything more than that. I like to get to know the characters, even if they’re pretty minor. Even more so if they’re major, like the family or the MAIN CHARACTER.

I’ve read a lot of reviews for this book, all with really high ratings. To those people, can you please explain what I’m missing? Because I read this in maybe an hour, and I was perfectly awake enough to understand it. I’m just really ready to move on to my next book and forget this ever happened…

And to this book, I give the lowest rating I have ever given. I’m not at all sorry
One Star


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6 thoughts on “Nowhere To Be Found by Bae Suah [I’ve Never Been More Disappointed]

      1. I hate books like this. Not only are they discouraging but I feel like they waste my time. And times not something I have a lot of. Thanks for the honest review!

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