Secret Life of a Book Blogger

Two bloggers tagged me for this! So thanks to Panda Hearts Books, and She’s Just Fangirling for this. Now, onwards with the questions…Secret Life Of A Book Blogger.jpg

How long have you been a blogger? Just over a year. It feels like way longer honestly!

At what point do you think you will stop? Hopefully not for a really long time! As long as I’m reading, I want to be writing about it

What is the best thing? Would it be terribly boring to say the community? Probably… But it’s true! Finding people who agree with me, or can make me change my mind about a book, is the most amazing thing

What is the worst thing? For me, a lack of inspiration. Recently I just haven’t felt inspired to write on here, and I think you can really tell with the quality of my posts… Which just puts me off even more… It’s an endless circle

How long does it take you to create/find pictures to use? If I’m finding pictures, it doesn’t take me very long at all, because I’m not super picky, and I search pretty specifically. If I’m creating them myself, it takes a lot longer. I like my pictures to look PERFECT. Like, can we just appreciate how long this took me? And I’m still not happy with it??Merry Christmas From Hogwarts

Who’s your book crush? Wait, just one? How can I choose just one?? Okay, I’ll just say the first ones to pop into my head; Adrian Ivashkov and Caelana Sardothian

Which author would you like to have on your blog? ALL THE AUTHORS. Maybe someone kind of small, because I find that they’re really nice and welcoming, and it’s a lot cooler (I think) to see someone who is just a person who can publish a book. Then someone like J.K. Rowling, because it would be literally the most amazing day of my life if I got to talk to her. Marian Keyes favouriting my tweet was amazing enough, but Rowling is just on another level of amazing

What do you wear when you write your blog? Right now, I’m wearing my pjs. But it could be regular clothes, my school uniform if I’ve just got home, my nicest top if I’m about to go out… I don’t have one specific outfit

How long does it take you to prepare? To write? No time at all generally. I sit down, I type out a post, and I schedule it for whenever. The only thing I need with me is a drink of water

How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture? I can’t express how amazing you guys are – it’s crazy to think that I’ve met some of my best friends over this blog. One thing I love is that we’re all there for each other. Even if I’ve never talked to you before, you’ll comment on my post saying you’re there for me if I need it. There’s the Blog Squad, who have genuinely changed my life by just being them, and I like to think I’ve helped change their lives as well. Elly tells us about Cute Socks Guy, Anne vents about her family, Angel shows us the gorgeous stuff she creates (casual promo), Fiona tells us about the cool work she does… I could go on and on, but just trust me when I say they’re all beautiful people who deserve the world, and it’s great to see them getting it, or help them through the tougher times. But I think it’s even cooler to see new friendships forming all over the blogesphere. We hate seeing fellow bloggers sad, and it’s so great to know I have all of you here for metumblr_n5nhmj3Uo81sfhqi5o7_400

What do you think one should do to have a successful blog? Talk, talk, talk! My blog was tiny before I started commenting on other people’s blogs, and although I’m by no means the biggest blog out there, it’s blown my mind how much that’s helped me grow

Who do you tag? I’m going to be super vague here, and just say everyone! If you’ve ever Nominatedcommented on one my posts (even if it’s only this one), I TAG YOU. Because you’re making my life better every single day, and I owe you the world for that


22 thoughts on “Secret Life of a Book Blogger

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  1. I can’t agree with you more about your statement on the book blogging community. I agree, the overwhelming support we have for each other is what makes the sometimes stressful moments very enjoyable and rewarding. I’ve only blogged for a little over a year as well, but I can’t imagine my life without Xingsings. Anyway, lovely answers, Victoria!

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  2. Loved reading this! I always enjoy getting to know bloggers better.
    I wish I could sit down and just type! I’m one of those people where I can rarely write without an outline. And I get the inspiration drain sometimes too. Bleh. It helps to read other blogs, or to just take a break and go on mini-hiatus for like 3 days.
    Commenting-YES. Commenting is like love in the book community, always growing and giving back 🙂


  3. I have such a had time socializing with other bloggers because it’s like with real people. I have no idea how to start a conversation or how to keep it going. The people in the book community are so nice but they are so intimidating also. I may have to do this tag because I have answers for all of them.

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