Reading Challenge Update (January)

I promised myself I’d give you guys an update of how all my challenges were going each month, instead of having a page dedicated to it like I did last year. So, here’s how I’m doing in the five reading challenges I’m attempting this year!

I won’t be explaining them in this post, so check out my post here if you’re unsure about what they are, or the pages I link to

My first challenge is the one I’m by far doing the best in; the e book challenge. I went on holiday for a week over the summer, and instead of bogging down my bag with physical books, I just brought my Kindle and a charger. In that week, I managed to finish A Healing Heart, Where You’ll Find Me (ARC), Vampire Witch (ARC), and Barefoot in White. On top of that, I’ve read Vicious! My aim was one a month, so I guess I’m allowed a break from e-books for a while! That’s 5/12 completeKindle Case

I’m not doing too badly in the Flights of Fantasy challenge, but this month I’ll be much more focused on it. I’ve read Cinder, Vampire Witch, the Lost Hero, Illuminae, and Vicious. Actually, checking this made me realise I’m doing way better than I thought, so yay!! I have three on my TBR for this month though, which I usually don’t plan. That’s 5/10 complete (maybe I should up my goal?)

Rock My TBR is going SO WELL, sort of for the same reasons as the e book challenge. As well as all of my e books (which I owned), I’ve read Step by Step. So that’s 6/12 completeRock My TBR

Finishing the Series is another one I’ve been doing kind of terribly with… I have read five that technically fit the challenge, but they’re all the first in the series. Cinder, the Lost Hero, Illuminae, Vicious (which fits A LOT of challenges!), and a Healing Heart. So no actual progress on that challenge, dammit!

This year I (stupidly?) decided I wanted to try and complete the Popsugar 2016 challenge. It’s basically a list of specific books we try to read.

Popsugar 2016I’ve completed these categories:

Based on a fairytale: Cinder

Romance set in the future: Illuminae

Set in Europe: Step by Step

Sci fi: Vicious

Published in 2016: Where You’ll Find Me

Protagonist with your job (high school student, since I’m jobless): A Healing Heart

During summer: The Lost Hero

Murder mystery: Dark Places

That’s 8/50 complete

All in all, I think I’m doing pretty well so far! My reading will slow down now that school has started, but not too much I hope. A pretty good start to the year!

In other news, one of my other resolutions was to get my learners license, AND I HAVE!!! I got that at the end of January, so yay! This year looks like it’s going to be great 😀

How have you all been getting on with your challenges? Are you regretting agreeing to do any yet? Or are you doing way better than you expected, like me?


18 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Update (January)

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  1. ooh, congrats!! you’re doing very well so far :DD I hope things keep looking this good! ❤ I'm just following my goodreads yearly goal, so it's a little early to say if I'm going well or not, haha 🙂

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  2. Congrats on the learner’s license!

    My own challenges have been going so slow. I made very minimal progress on the PopSugar one… and didn’t even start my Banned Books one (whoops). It’s going to be a long year. I almost regret the PopSugar one, tbh. I still haven’t convinced myself to explore half of them.

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    1. Thanks! Oh no 😦 I was on summer break, so that gave me lot more time. I’m only on my second book of this month at the moment… Popsugar is really hard! But we can do it, I believe in you!!


  3. Congrats, sounds like your having a marvellous year so far! Congrats on the drivers license too that is always very exciting! 😀 I am feeling confident about my challenge of just reading 105 books this year, I can’t remember what number I’m not but it’s past 10 haha! I’ve always wanted to try that challenge to read different books, but I just don’t have the time! It sounds like a lot of fun though!

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