Exploring My Bookshelves (#56) – Memories

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Exploring My Bookshelves 2016

Reminds You Of Something Special

Yeah, I thought I’d get all soppy and sentimental this week. Let’s reminisce over our favourite books, that send us right back to a certain place or person.

I have a couple of these. Unsurprisingly, my Harry Potter series is full of memories. Having to stay one page behind my mum during the Deathly Hallows so she could proof read with me. Choosing to listen to my dad instead of my mum and staying up past my bed time to read, which resulted in floods of tears during the Half Blood Prince. Learning the valuable skill of being able to read and eat at the same time, resulting in food stains on all of them, but especially on the Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets. Every time I open them I get transported back to my childhood, and I think that’s why they’ll always remain my absolute favourite books.Harry Potter Generation

Artemis Fowl, particularly the first one, reminds of meeting one of my best friends in primary school. Year 6 was a bad time for me, and I ended up spending most of it holed away in the library. Enter Sian, the new girl. Okay, sure, we still stayed in the library all lunch. But now we were constantly interrupting each other to point out hilarious lines. 6 years later, and the words “I don’t like lollipops” still has us in fits of laughter. It was also my introduction to fanfiction. The two of us co-wrote so many stories together, all based around Artemis, and it actually really helped improve our writing. Oh, and you can’t forget the snail named Arty she kept in her desk! I can’t read those books without thinking of her.Me and Sian

There are still so many more, but I’ll finish with one last book. The Other Book, which I haven’t actually read in years, reminds me of what I thought was the biggest bookshop in the world, Borders. It was two storeys! Of just books! It’s been changed into a Whitcoulls now, and it just isn’t the same. Every school holidays, my brother, my mum, and I would get the excitement of catching the train into Wellington, and seeing all the exciting things it had to offer. This meant I could go to the be all and end all of bookshops, as well as visits to Toyworld. It was always the highlight of the holidays for me. I have a lot of books that I got from those trips, but most of them have already been filled up with other memories. This one, though, is strictly Boarders related.



Sorry this is a bit late, life got in the way. But it’s here now! Make sure to add your links to the linky below, and tell me your thoughts on my choices for this week

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  1. I have great memories of Arty as well πŸ˜›
    Your friendship also reminds me of my middle school bestie. We used to literally run our middle school library (I’m not even joking), and we were there constantly!
    Ah, those were good times XD

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  2. This was a nice post. I also loved eating while reading when I was a child. All my favorite books from then are still filled with nacho dorito crumbs.

    Harry Potter wasn’t a part of my childhood until I was nearly 12 though because my aunt didn’t want me to read them until I was older because she thought they would be too scary for me. I can relate to how you feel though because when I was 9-10 my dad and I would drive to Illinois to visit relatives and would always listen to a Bryan Adams album. So now when I hear one of those songs I am always transported back to that time.

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      1. He’s still alive. In fact I listened to some of those songs with him just yesterday. Sorry for the confusion. What it reminds me of are the times that are gone, when I was 10 and my grandparents still lived in Illinois.


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