Top Ten Tuesday (#35) – 2016 Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. They tell us what to write our top ten for, and we do! This week…


2016 Resolutions

As far as my blogging/reading life goes, here are my resolutions:

  1. To spend at least ten minutes a day commenting on blogs. Bloggers put in so much work to write posts for us, and I think you all deserve the love. Ten minutes isn’t a lot of time, so surely I can take it out of my day?10 Minutes
  2. Not stress out about challenges. Challenges aren’t the be all and end all of blogging! I want to read books that I want to read, not whizz through things I’m not enjoying because it goes towards a challenge
  3. Write at least one discussion post a month. I did my first one of those this year, and I really enjoyed writing them. So I think I need some more on here!
  4. Have my own photos of my books. I’ve started doing this more, but I want it to be on every review, or post where I mention it. It just looks more loved than a picture from GoodreadsChristmas Haul
  5. Review every book I read. This is the one I’ll probably struggle with the most! But I need to have my thoughts written down, it’s important to me
  6. Use categories for all of my posts. So that they’re easier to find than just being sorted by month. Easier for you guys, and easier for me!

In my personal life, my resolutions are:

  1. Eat breakfast every day. I have a terrible habit of skipping breakfast if I’m not going out that day. I think that should change, it’s unhealthySmiley Breakfast
  2. Get my driver’s licence. This was one of my goals from last year, oops… Definitely this year though! Ideally by my birthday, at the end of May
  3. Have good time management for school. Last year, my exchange to America meant my school work suffered quite a bit. I’m not letting that happen again this year, and I’m going to use my calendar to full effect
  4. Learn how to do make-up. I only just learned how to do eyeliner and mascara this year. I’m 17. I got a whole bunch of stuff for Christmas, and I need to learn what I’m doing with it
  5. Go swimming at least once a week. This is more about getting fit rather than losing weight. Plus, I actually really do enjoy swimming. If I don’t swim, I want to make sure I’ve done some other form of exercise that weekBe Your Own Inspiration
  6. Feel happy and inspired. This applies for blogging too. I don’t want to be doing things because I feel like I have to. I want to do them because I want to

Okay, yeah, that was twelve resolutions… But having resolutions gives me something to work towards, and I really need that! So hopefully I’m successful this year in achieving everything I want to. 

What are your goals for 2016? And how did your 2015 go?

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  1. Terrific goals! Your personal goals seem so sensible and healthy, and your blogging/reading goals sound great too. I should be using pictures of my own books more as well. You’re right, they do seem more loved that way… I just have to not always be in such a rush. Happy New Year!

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