Christmas 2015 Haul

Basically this is a Stacking the Shelves, but as well as showing you all my books, I’ll show my entire Christmas haul! Also, StS happens on a Saturday, and I’m posting this on a Wednesday. Oh well!

Stacking the Shelves

I am so so happy with everything I got for Christmas! Now that I’m a difficult teenager-almost-adult, my parents have no idea what to buy me. This means I end up choosing a lot of my own presents and things, or at least steering them in the right direction.

Christmas Haul

This is the first picture, which has the bulk of what I got. In the very back is a calendar, with pictures of amazing places around the world. There are two cards, one from my grandparents (right), and one from my parents (left). At the front is a chalkboard heat, one of six that can be tied together and written or drawn all over.

The stack is all my books – I know, the bit you’re most excited about! The only official Christmas present is Famous Last Words, which was from my grandparents. I also got the Amazing Book Is Not on Fire, but that isn’t in the picture (why? Who knows?). The Marian Keyes book, The Woman Who Stole My Life, was a present for my mum which I stole for this photo. The Secret Life of Bees, The Invention Of Wings, The Yellow Lighted Bookshop, The Bookshop That Floated Away, and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood were all books my Gran owned and didn’t want anymore, so she gave them to us. Yes, they’re technically presents, but not presents she went out and bought for us specifically, if that makes any sense?

But that’s not all! In the photo on the left, there’s a cute pair of flower earrings, and a little wallet from my brother. And most importantly, the COOLEST t-shirt ever! It’s a Marauder’s Map! With ink stains, the castle, tiny footsteps, and everything. I am in love with this! On the right is a picture of my feet – sorry! My big toes have Jamberry nail wraps on them, which I am obsessed with. It takes away all the worry of painting your nails – Β you just heat them and stick them on. So yeah, my toes look really cool at the moment. My hands aren’t done yet, unfortunately.

Food from Chloe

The last thing I got was from my American family. Both bags are filled purely with food – namely Hershey’s bars, Tootsie rolls, Dots, and so much more. As if Christmas doesn’t make me fat enough, now I have all this too! But I forgive them, because I miss all of them SO MUCH. If any of you live in Arizona (near Phoenix), I’m going to send you to say hi to them from me πŸ˜›

What did you all get for Christmas? I hope it was amazing! And what book from my haul do you think I should read first? Oh, and by the way, I’m counting this as a December wrap up – did anything really happen that wasn’t Christmas?

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  1. omg YOUR PRESENTS. I’M JEALOUS. We don’t celebrate Christmas officially, since we’re Muslim and all, but I do like setting up a tree. That Marauders T-shirt is glorious. AND ALL THAT CANDY. Just. I can’t ;-; It looks like you had an amaaazing Christmas, haul wise XD

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