On the Eighteenth Day of Christmas…

This month, I’m counting down the days until Christmas as a part of Blogmas. Just like an advent calendar! Except no chocolate… I’m also offering you guys a little Christmas present. For all the days of December, I’ll be following back anyone who chooses to follow me. SO tell your friends, and let’s get our follower counts up

Today, part three of the Christmas party planning. 

Christmas Party

What Is Everyone Wearing?

Or at least, what are the girls wearing? Because to be completely honest, I struggle to see the differences in suits, and that’s what I’d put the majority of the guys in.

Hermione: Okay, this is completely uncreative. It’s her Yule Ball dress. But it’s BLUE, the way it was meant to be! And I think she looks hot as frick in itHermione Blue Dress.gif

Celaena: I see her as a very dark blue kind of person. And I know she’ll take any excuse to dress up, so she’s going all out – poofy at the bottom, glittering at the top, and a little bit of cleavage

Celaena's Dress

Clary: Clary, on the other hand, is going to go a bit more casual, and a bit shorter. She cleans up well, in this red dress. It’s got quite a bit going on, and I don’t think Clary would like a simple style

Clary's Dress

Rose: Sexy, black, short, strapless. Rose was the easiest of the bunch

Rose's Dress

Sydney: Very elegant, this one. Sydney has to be! I couldn’t let her go in all white, and I think this gray would compliment her really well

Sydney's Dress

Lucy: Lucy was the hardest one to dress. She couldn’t wear a short dress, because in my head she’ll always be a kid. But I couldn’t find a colour that would suit her quite right… So gray it was!Lucy's Dress.jpg

Susan: Susan is and always will be a queen. So a high neck, and a low bottom, in a gorgeous, bold colour

Susan's Dress

Eleanor: You didn’t think I could put Eleanor in a dress, did you? For this occasion, she gets a flash suit. But I’m sure she’d accessorise in typical Eleanor wayEleanor's Suit

Cath: Cath is pretty casual, and I imagine it’d take a lot of persuasion to get her into a dress at all. So it’d have to be short, to allow her a bit of freedom. Nothing too flashy, so only the tiniest bit of frill at the top. And not too low, because she doesn’t want to expose anything (unlike Rose). Another one that was hard to dress, but I’m pretty happy with what I picked

Cath's Dress

Me!: Like I said in my original post, all of you are invited. And Stefanie @ YourDaughter’sBookshelf has picked out the perfect dress for me. Here’s how she described it –

It has to be bold and dramatic and sparkly. If you love colour, how about deep rose pink formal robes? With clear crystal sparkles scattered over the hem and sleeves so they catch the light when you swirl

I found this picture, which I think is pretty close to what she has in mind

My Dress

If you got to wear one of these, what would you choose? Do you want me to dress the guys next? Could you recommend any dresses that might look better?


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