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On the Seventeenth Day of Christmas…

This month, I’m counting down the days until Christmas as a part of Blogmas. Just like an advent calendar! Except no chocolate… I’m also offering you guys a little Christmas present. For all the days of December, I’ll be following back anyone who chooses to follow me. SO tell your friends, and let’s get our follower counts up

Yesterday, I planned out a guest list for the Christmas party I think all of us bookish people should be a part of. Today, we talk about the next important thing – the food. 

Christmas Dinner.jpg

I’m putting it on each character to bring a plate. So here’s the menu!


Clary would feel really nervous about gatecrashing our party (even though she was invited), so she’d bring a pretty big plate. Probably some sort of fancy salad – you know, a salad with meat, rather than just vegetables. But not too much cooking for her!

Jamie would think he’s super manly, so he’d bring some big meat. Steaks or something like that. Eleanor would bring meat as well, but something more simple, like sausages. Celaena would have meat too, but something a bit fancier. Maybe venison?

I also found this picture, which I thought was really interesting. So maybe a few of these different dishes would appear too?

Christmas Food


Nick would be the awkward one who brings a plate of crackers that are clearly just bought from the shops. He can’t cook, give him a break! This might go under the third category – not because it’s bad, just because it’s a bit boring.

Sydney, on the other hand, would bake something AMAZING. A fancy cake, with detailed icing, plus paper plates for everyone just in case. Lucy and Susan would be similar, except more traditional. Maybe a Christmas pudding?

The Stuff No One Touches

Percy would try to do a salad like Clary, and Grover would add a few weird ingredients. I’m not sure if Annabeth would have the power to stop him… I can’t picture Cath being a great cook either. She would try to bring a nice dessert, like a cake, but then it wouldn’t rise. Only she’d be running late, so she wouldn’t have time to stop and buy something, and we’d be presented with something… Well, something. Something like this picture, I think

Do you guys agree or disagree with my menu? What food would you bring? Check in tomorrow for the next part of the Christmas party planning – the outfits!




I was a book blogger for a while, and I now blog about every little thing in life I can think of. Bear with me while I try all these new posts out... I'm a New Zealand teen who gets angry about the world (but not angry enough for tumblr). I like to capture the world through photos and words, and read in all the moments in nz-squadbetween. I have an overwhelming desire to see every corner of the world I possibly can, and hug the people I love in all those corners. I can't do make up to save myself, and you're more likely to find me buying matching stationary than matching clothes. My nerd hobbies include a new found love of the Avengers, reading YA, watching Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, and every vlogger I can find, and being the last person on the music bandwagons. I have big plans for the rest of my life, including university, teaching, travelling, and having an army of puppies. I plan to blog every second of it!

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