Top Ten Tuesday (#27) – The Book Genie

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. They tell us what to write our top ten for, and we do! This week…


Wishes I Want the Book Genie To Grant Me

  1. More money. Only to spend on books, of course. I don’t think the genie can afford to buy me plane ticketsMake It Rain
  2. Instant release dates. None of this waiting around rubbish for our movies and books. When they’re announced, they’re on the shelves at once
  3. More books from J.K. Rowling. And a lot of other authors, but she’s one of my favourites
  4. Author meet and greets. I know some of you get this already, but I’ve never met a really successful author. I would love to be able to get my favourite books signed! Even meeting smaller authors in person would be amazing (the picture is a comic book convention, but you get the idea)Book Convention
  5. Good casting. I think fans should be able to choose who plays who in adaptations of our favourite books
  6. Cheaper books. It costs at least $25 for a “real” book here, around $40 if you want it hard cover. I read cheap e-books, and I go to the library, but it’s just not the same as having your shelves filled with beautiful matching series
  7. Free shipping. New Zealand is too far away from everything, shipping costs A LOT
  8. The ability to read faster. There are way too many books in the world, I don’t have time to waste!
  9. The ability to write faster (and better!). The more writing I can get done, the better. Again, no time to waste if I ever want to get something published
  10. Signed copies. This goes with #4 in a way; I want my favourite authors to personalise their books to me. I would just love to have them as part of my collection

So, there’s my list for this week! What wishes do you want granted? Send me a link to your posts!

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#27) – The Book Genie

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  1. Fun post! WE NEED MORE BOOKS BY J.K. ROWLING!! Anyone in the world would agree. Or else…. 😛 Cheaper books would be a godsend. Seriously, peoples, or–publisher peoples. WE NEED CHEAPER BOOKS YOU WANT PEOPLE TO READ THEM AM I RIGHT??? Great Top Ten Tuesday, Victoria! (I typed Hermione first 😀 I don’t know why I wrote Hermione instead of Victoria. I guess you make a great Hermione in my head!)

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  2. I love these wishes and have to agree with a lot of them! If books were cheaper and I had more book money it would mean ALL THE BOOKS COULD BE MINE. Also, more reading and writing time would be lovely. I wish there were more events to do with writing in European countries that weren’t the UK. Because I never get to go to any 😦

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