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So… I Met a Vampire (Part 2)

On a foggy morning, thirteen year old Jessica wakes up in a strange forest, not knowing how she got there, but with a feeling she is being watched. Helped to a local police station, memories start to come back, about where she has been the last few days… She remembers a deal she had to make to stay alive… to obtain a small bottle of vampire’s blood. With the use of a magical phone, her journey takes her to the English Lake District, a lonely Scottish village and the bright lights of New York. She meets mysterious men who work for a secret government organisation and a vampire who seems willing to help, but is he and his teenage vampire friends to be trusted? On the run, she must reach a government hide out before her adversaries catch up with her and take her to a realm of darkness and blood…

I Met A Vampire

On Goodreads, over in the group Read Together, Blog Together, we discussed the book So… I Met A Vampire by Paul McAvoy. We talked about the first half of the book here.

Here are our thoughts on the second half of the book:

Chapters 7-12
*What did you think about Seymour’s reaction to Jess having traded with Gee?

Courtney: It wasn’t a very positive reaction. My first thought was that it was going to mean something unpleasant.
Victoria: Like Courtney said, I assumed it would mean something bad was about to happen.

*Do you have any thoughts on Jess’s struggle between her two selves?
Courtney: This comes into play near the end. I actually found it quite interesting and think that it hints at some rather interesting things for Jess in the future.
Victoria: I wish it had been explored more earlier in the book. We only really got to see the struggle at the end, and I was interested in where that was going to go.

*How different or similar was the novel to your expectations when you started?
Courtney: I guess it was rather different than I thought it would be. I was expecting the vampires to be a larger part of the novel and for that to be the main exploration and it didn’t really seem like they were.
Victoria: Quite different. I thought it was going to focus on vampires more, and I thought we’d explore some of the ideas mentioned in there more, like the secret organisation and the girl at the shop etc.



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