August Wrap-Up

August has definitely been my favourite month of the year. I was going to say “so far”, but let’s be honest, nothing can top this month (except for July).


I didn’t get much read. I fell in love with Jamie from Outlander, and reviewed it here. I got a good chunk of the sequel, Dragonfly in Amber, done too. I also read Black Swan Green for school (it wasn’t nearly as good as Outlander).

So, why was this month so great, you ask? Because I went to AMERICA!!! Tempe, Arizona to be precise, as well as trips away to Las Vegas, California, and Tuscon. It was definitely the best 5 weeks of my entire life. I talked about it here. I won’t keep going on about it, but if you were interested, I would definitely tell you more! I did the exchange through Tempe Sister Cities, so if you live in one of the cities listed on the site, I would highly recommend you take this amazing opportunity.

Grand Canyon

I was away for the first half of the month, because of being in America. But once I got back, I got straight into my blog again. Well, sort of… Not as much posting as I would have liked, unfortunately! Thanks to For the Love of Words, my weekly meme Exploring My Bookshelves was kept under control, with nothing for me to worry about.

TagsI haven’t been running too far behind with my reviews, but I’m definitely not up to date with them. I posted a couple, and I did a few more tags, but next month I’m planning on getting a lot more organised with those!

Oh, and how could I forget my anniversary?!? Addlepates and Book Nerds turned one year old this month, and I couldn’t be prouder. Again, I love all of you for helping me – I can’t express that enough.

Like I said, not much to talk about this month. But the things that did happen were AMAZING

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