Top Ten Tuesday (#21)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. They tell us what to write our top ten for, and we do! This week…


Favourite Places To Read

Technically it’s a freebie, so I just chose a topic that they’ve already done. Because I’m un-creative like that.

Places I’ve Really Read

  1. My bed is my favourite. It’s all shmuphy (that’s a word now) and warm
  2. The beach. Even though I get sunburned, it’s worth it Book at the Beach
  3. Bookshops. I take it as a compliment to the author if you need to stop and sit down to read your favourite passageReading in a Bookshop
  4. The library. It’s always so warm and quiet and nice
  5. A plane. Because you know you’re on your way to somewhere exciting, AND you get to do fun things!Reading on a Plane

Places I Wish I Could Read

  1. Any sort of book nook. Seriously, all the ones I’ve seen look so cool! They’re always full of cushions, and they’re greatBook Nooks
  2. A lilo in the pool/sea. I’ve always been too scared of dropping my book to try that
  3. A hammock. Our one falls over if you move even slightly, so I’ve never managed to really enjoy a book. Yes, she’s at the beach as well… It’s not cheating! Reading in Hammock
  4. In a tree/tree house. I’m too uncoordinated to climb trees well, and I’ve never found the perfect oneReading in a Tree
  5. In someone else’s bed. Wait, hear me out! Not because of what you think. But you know how cuddling is the best thing ever? Imagine being all snuggled up in your duvet, with his (or her) arms around you, falling asleep together to the beautiful words of Harry PotterReading Couple

So, there are my top ten! What did you choose this week? Where do you read the most often? And where do you really wish you could read? 

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#21)

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  1. I used to not read in bed because I get too comfortable, which then leads to drowsiness. But now I enjoy the perks of this set up! I’d also want to try numbers 6, 8, 9 & 10, but especially 10. There’s something romantic about sharing your reading time with someone. It feels so intimate. Like, you can even be reading different books but still be “reading together,” you know what I mean?

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    1. The trick is to be ready for bed, then it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep 🙂 It would be so romantic! And if you’re reading different books, that just gives you more to talk about 🙂


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