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Girls In Pants (Sisterhood #3)

The pants came to us at the perfect moment, when we were heading out separate ways for the first time. It was two summers ago when they first worked their magic, and last summer when they shook up our lives once again. You see we don’t wear the pants year-round. We let them rest so they are extra poweful when summer comes. Now we are facing our last summer together. In September we go to college. And it’s not like one of those TV shows where all of us magically turn up at the same college. We’re going to four different colleges in four different cities. So this is really, really big. Our shared childhood is ending. We’re headed off to start our real lives. Tomorrow night we’ll launch the pants on their third summer voyage. Tomorrow begins the time of our lives. It’s when we’ll need our pants the most…

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Girls In Pants

Another great book in this series! Although, admittedly, maybe not as good as the rest.
The fabulous Bee is back with a vengeance. At the end of book 1, Eric made her lose her spark. So book 2 was all about her learning to love herself again. Now, the Bee I fell in love with in book 1 was back! And, so was Eric. So, we had exactly what I wanted – awkward sexual tension, flirting, stress, and gossip with the girls. It didn’t end how I wanted it to. I won’t tell you what happened, of course. But I had a way I wanted it to end, and they chose to take the predictable route instead. Lucky she’s so great, so I can forgive her.
Carmen has by far grown up the most. For the first two books, she whined about EVERYTHING. In fact, I kind of hated her for it. And at the beginning of this book, I was prepared for the same rubbish all over again. Her mum has just got married, so she’s overly angry about that. But she realised that actually, her mum deserved to be happy. She did adorable things like looking after her in pregnancy classes when David was away. I really liked her for that. Plus, she met Win. Win was a fantastic love interest for her. He saw the good in her, which helped Carmen see the good in herself. Hooray! Win is probably my favourite boy in the book, he’s so cute. Especially with the little kids (like Katherine).
Tibby didn’t have her usual spunk. She spent most of this book feeling sorry for herself. Which meant she couldn’t accept that Brian loved her, she couldn’t look after Katherine and Nicky like they deserved, she couldn’t get into her film making, and she couldn’t do anything that made her slightly happy. It kind of annoyed me. Especially with Brian, because they’re PERFECT. She grew a lot by the end. It was just all the rest that upset me. I understood she blamed herself for what happened to her baby sister Katherine. And I understood she was going off movies because she was watching them a thousand times. But that’s no reason to be unhappy.
Lena did crazy big character development with her family, and in part with herself (though not as much as Carmen). First, there was the art classes she was taking, and that went terribly wrong. She coped with it incredibly well, I thought. Second, there was the art portfolio she did of her family. She got to know them so much better than she did before. I absolutely loved seeing the interaction between them all. Especially with her grandmother, Valia. Poor Valia had been dragged out of Greece, and was absolutely miserable. Lena helped her with a lot of her pain, and even talked to her scary dad about letting her go home. I really loved seeing the relationship between those two. In this book, Lena might have been my favourite.
There’s only two books of this series to go. I’m so scared of saying goodbye to my lovely girls. I’m also scared they’re going to get worse from now. But with that sweet ending, it looks like it’ll stay just as amazing.



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