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Maxon vs. Aspen

Welcome to the next post in the Selection buddy read! Check out the first one here, the second one here, and the third one here.

This is it. The great war. The love triangle comes to an end, right now.

In one corner, we have Prince Maxon: the only child of Queen Amberley and King Clarkson. He meets America through the selection, where 35 women have to compete to become his wife.

What we love: the way he treats the girls. It can’t be easy having so many girls getting into fights over you. But he handles it well, without getting a big head

What we hate: his hypocrisy. He doesn’t like it that America makes eyes at Aspen, even though he goes around kissing other people!

Team Maxon

In the other corner, we have Aspen: America’s childhood sweetheart, who is forced to meet her in secret so they can be together. He’s a lower caste than America, but she loved him despite that

What we love: his determination to be with her, especially at the beginning. Despite being so poor, he did his absolute best to provide for her. Aww! 

What we hate: his possessiveness. Hello, she’s in THE SELECTION. She can’t give you her undivided attention. She’s there to win Maxon’s heart, AND to make friends with the girls and servants

Team Aspen

Have Your Say!

Who do you like better? Vote on the poll to tell us your thoughts! I’ll definitely be voting for Maxon. Aspen is just a bit of a tosser in my opinion. Maxon, though… *swoon*



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