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Goddess: The Shrike Chronicles #1

Galactic mercenary Samuel Shrike hates complications and loves a good fight. He’s managed to survive a long time by avoiding the first and chasing the second, but when space pirates, mob queens, and complex friendships collide in an underworld conflict of colossal proportions, Shrike may receive more of both than he’d bargained for. In the midst of a brutal crime war,the most complicated relationship in his life could lead to his salvation…or a harrowing fight for his life

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I’ve read another book by Dakota Kemp, The Arrival. And while I didn’t love it, I liked it a lot more than this one. This one was too short for me (ironic when I thought her other one dragged). Make up a fantasy world, that’s fine. In fact, I encourage it! But make it a memorable one. Let me feel like if I got teleported there, I could find my way around. Well, I have a terrible sense of direction, so I couldn’t, but you know what I mean! A book this short doesn’t give me a chance to do that. Kemp could have done amazing things with this, but she didn’t give it enough time.
She said this was a romance, but it wasn’t. Not really. Yeah, okay, he said he loved her. But in reality, they were only friends. It was empty words in my opinion. It was an amazing friendship, don’t get me wrong! It broke my heart when he found out he had to kill her. But that doesn’t make it romance. Love, yes, just like I love my friends. But they aren’t the same thing.
The characters weren’t all that memorable either. Notice how I haven’t used their names at all? Because I can’t remember them. The girl I liked, but didn’t love. The guy had so much potential, I feel like it was wasted.
I’ll keep this review short, just like the book. If she’d spent more time really making this book a good one, like it could have been, I could be bothered making this review long.



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