Top 10 Tuesday (#3)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. They give us something to write our top 10 for, and we do! This week, Top 10 Best Books Read In 2014. 


  1. The SelectionThe Selection by Kiera Cass. See, in the first one, America was one of the only main characters I’ve ever liked. And Maxon was cute, and the plot was amazing (even though I’m pretty sure Cass stole it from my fan-fiction…). It’s made that much better by the slow decline of the rest of the series
  2. The Dying of the Light by Derek Landy. The final book of the series. And it was everything I could have hoped for. Way more Val than I thought, and Darquesse, and Fletcher, and the Dead Men, and ahhh everything was just perfect 😀 There was death, and almost-death, and moments when I wanted to cry… What more could I need?
  3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Cath is essentially me, at my worst stage of fan-fiction addiction (oh, cool rhyme there :P). And don’t even get me started on my love for Levi, ohmyGod
  4. The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Henry and Claire are one of my all time favourite couples. Ever. And I could understand the time travel (for the most part. The wedding…) which is really rare for me!
  5. Two Brothers by Ben Elton. The best historical fiction I’ve ever read. I need to get a review up one of these days, but I’m not sure there are enough words to show my love for this
  6. He’s After Me by Chris Higgins. This was a re-read, but Jem. Oh my goodness Jem. He’s probably my favourite fictional character ever of all time. I don’t just love him, I need himHe's After Me
  7. The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes. I adore everything Marian Keyes, especially the Walsh family. And this was Helen, the best Walsh! She’s absolutely insane, and… Spunky. That’s the best word I can think to use for her
  8. Sadie by Jane Elliot. This made me feel so much. I hurt every time that pig of a man took a step towards her. She was 13. THIRTEEN. 
  9. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I really want one of those cool key necklaces! Plus Nate was so cute, I wanted to be his best friend
  10. Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. It took me a long time, but it was worth it. I felt empowered to do… Something. I don’t know what, exactly, just something. He was such an amazing man

Send me a link to your own Top 10 Tuesdays! And tell me what you think of my picks, if you disagree with any, or if you loved them too 🙂

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday (#3)

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  1. That’s sad that the Selection series goes down hill. I haven’t started it yet. I HAVE to get to Dying of the Light! I’m trying to read 100 books this year and it’s longer so I might have to wait until January. I’m glad it was good though.


  2. Fangirl is one of my favorite reads of 2014! Seriously! Please tell me you’ve read Eleanor & Park…so incredibly good! I also read Attachments but to me…E&P and FG are her best work, although I have yet to read Landline. I love it when I see a book on someone’s list that’s a favorite of mine too! 😉


    1. Yesssss ohmygoodness Eleanor and Park are one of my absolute favourite couples 😀 I just didn’t want to have her on there twice! I haven’t read her other two books, but I really want to!


      1. I even bought the special edition copy of E&P and what I didn’t realize is that Rainbow Rowell signed it!!! *faints* I just pre-ordered a special edition copy of FG too which will be available in May 2015!!! I would love to meet Rainbow Rowell in PERSON but she’s everywhere but where I live!

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      2. Ahh, that’s so cool!! My birthday’s in May, so I think I should get one of those 😛 Yeah, I have the same problem, no one interesting ever comes to where I am!!


  3. Great post! Fangirl was great! I’m so excited that we’ll get more of Simon Snow. I loved, loved, loved The Tiime Traveler’s Wife! If you haven’t already watched the movie, let me warn you away from it.

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  4. FANGIRL was absolutely amazing and relatable and afgjhjksjusdkxlj. Have you heard about Carry On becoming a book? Dreams do come true.
    I really did like the first The Selection book. After that I wan’t a fan but the first one was so cute.
    He’s After Me sounds pretty great! I hope to check it out soon. Also I need to read a Sarah Dessen book already!


  5. Cath is essentially me too. XD I never wrote fan fiction but I’m the worst kind of totally emotionally involved fangirl aaaaand I’m such an introvert. When she skipped going to the cafeteria and just ate peanut butter?? Omg, that would be me. xD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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